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Kimmelman swoops Whitney

It took Theodore Dalrymple, an essayist for the Manhattan Institute’s splendid quarterly, City Journal, to pull back the curtain on the operatic vapidity of New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman. 505 more words

Urbanism And Planning

I never thought we’d go this farrrrrr.


A Stunning Example of a Colonial Revival Home

It’s always a treat to see a newly completed project from Brent Hull. Brent is a nationally recognized authority on historic design, architecturally correct moldings & millwork… and the designer of the… 23 more words


Car Park House | Anonymous Architects

Description by Anonymous Architects:

Starting with a vacant lot with a very steep down-slope from the street, the design of the house places the carport on the roof with the residence below. 139 more words

Living Room

April 16th - Architects w. Stick To Your Guns + Being As An Ocean + Stories


Stories adopt a blunter and heavier djent sound than most Australian hardcore bands. But for the most part don’t over use this element of their sound. 602 more words


More new crap at Brown

Brown apparently regrets its beauty and wants to be among the ugliest schools in the Ivy League. This is the only conclusion that comports with the fact of what it builds on campus. 466 more words


PRESENTAZIONEA A FEW Architecture students

Appassionati  della sua naturalezza, della sua purezza ed eleganza, della sua consistenza, delle sue tonalità, delle sue forme. Dell’emozione che suscita passeggiando in un viale alberato e la sensazione di quando si tocca la corteccia di un albero, dall’atmosfera che crea stando seduti in una baita di montagna e il cigolio delle assi del pavimento quando ti sposti. 40 more words