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Beautiful Cypriot Bowl

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has a beautiful Cypriot bowl that predates the Knights and Sisters of Paphos. It shows some of the stunning work that was coming out of Cyprus at the time. 334 more words


Hunger and Archaism

Word fans, did you see what I saw?

The food words generally decrease over the course of the book.  We predicted that.    If we read the dip in Chapter 1 as an abundance of  317 more words

Quote of the day

“I propose that we also channel our efforts into promoting the enactment of modern Arbitral and ADR legislation.

The Arbitration and Conciliation Act is well overdue for a radical overhaul and the Arbitration legislation in a number of States are, to say the least, archaic. 53 more words

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Presenting: the Archaic Words

Next we take a look at the words we tagged “archaic”.  You’ll recall that we used this tag for any word labeled “obsolete” or “archaic” or “rare” or “regional” by the  340 more words


“Firework”, singular, is outside of The Hundred Thousand.  OED tells us that in its meaning as “a pyrotechnic display” although the plural “fireworks” only is used now, the singular used to be used.   162 more words


From the rare word “rud” meaning “red”, ruddy carries a goodly number of connotations which play together in this passage:

and about him on all sides stretching away across the unseen floors, lay countless piles of precious things, gold wrought and unwrought, gems and jewels, and silver red-stained in the ruddy light.

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