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Antichrist by The 1975

Antichrist by The 1975

(Dedicated to my ex and all of my girlfriends)

Well i swear there’s a ghost on this Island
His hands, all covered in blood… 165 more words

I'm only Sleeping

Let us stick to our roots,

embrace our dismal pasts.

let us pretend that we,

as humans are advancing.

Let us herald our old heroes… 288 more words


Say My Name: Odysseus begins his song, (Homer, Odyssey 9.14-20)

“What shall I tell first and what shall I tell last?
The Ouranian gods gave me so many pains.
But now I will announce my name so that you all will know it… 41 more words



I doth believe in our similarities,

thinking, dreaming, leaving-bold antiquity,

a parcel, sealed in parcel’s worth,

is wanting wax of greater girth.

It is written here, unto you-whilst you see, 21 more words


Word of the day #35


Ar – cha – ic

  1. Old fashioned.

Example: The shop had an archaic feel



I promised some poems, so here is the first of them.

I’m afraid all of my really good poems have been sent off to magazines, all of which have a rule about not accepting work that has been previously published elsewhere (and yes, blogs count as publishing). 165 more words