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The first meaning of “comely” applies to objects, and is archaic – but in reference to persons, “comely” is in current use.  However, the meaning has moved a bit over the centuries.   78 more words


With its connotation of gossiper, this archaic word for grandmother has earned the “low” tag.  It is the feminine counterpart to “gaffer”, but the Hobbit… 33 more words


A live coal or ember.  Tolkien spelled it here as “glede”, a Middle English form of the word and also a dialectical word for a kite – a bird of prey.   41 more words


“Wrought” is the archaic past participle of the very common word “work”, but I simply couldn’t bear to throw it away.

  • 01.074 They shaped and wrought, and light they caught…
  • 28 more words


While the past participle “laden” is not archaic, the present form is!

  • 07.126 and he would lade them with food
  • 10.045 laden with rowers,
  • 11.003 each leading another pony heavily laden beside him;
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The old plural of “cow”.  Some Middle English and earlier plurals were formed with and “n” ending (housen = houses, eyen = eyes, been = bees).   31 more words


“Bode” is archaic, but “forebode” is not.  I am fascinated.  Based on “bode” and since foreboding is certainly uncanny, I have given it a high tag. 24 more words