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Life in Japan: Least Favourite Thing

Another week has passed. Time goes by too quickly. Well, it’s time for another question about living in Japan. This is kind of a part two question from the last week.  363 more words



I had best not go past “grim” without taking care of “grime”, lest it be lost between ‘grim-voiced’ and ‘grimly’.  It’s a humble word, but notice? 112 more words


Frank Burroughs, my undergraduate Old English professor, had a spectacular gift for pointing out the continuity between the forms of the language he taught us and the language we students spoke.   340 more words

Archaic Haiku

My First Haiku (exptn.)

Aye, certes it remains
Haiku erewhile needeth admirers to hark
For forsooth eyne not catch


My Second Haiku (expln.)

Yes, certain it remains… 82 more words


Word of the day #114


Ar – cha – ic

Old fashioned.

Example: His approach was an archaic one.


What a Load of Tits: The depressing success of Game of War: Fire Age

All too often, free-to-play is held up as the virus that’s infested itself within the games industry – the demon that started life on Facebook and mobile and is now, gradually, starting to make gamers from all across the spectrum sick. 968 more words


Kore 675 - Archaic Greek sculpture

This Greek sculpture is absolutely wonderful! This is a small kore, only about 50 cm tall, is preserved in the Acropolis museum of Athens. Next to the sculpture there are several copies of it painted in different colors. 538 more words