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Ahh, validation! Why is it so hard for some people to give anyone else positive feedback? Criticisms abound aplenty in the workplace, but good honest critical feedback- positive and negative- are really hard for most people to provide. 889 more words


The True Meaning of Love and Hate - II

Betrothed, yet bereaved
is the love of mine.
Impromptu and carcassed,
is the grieve of mine.

The gust of wind,
that just razed me,
’tis that which I use, 97 more words


The True Meaning of Love and Hate - I

With love and hate,

we blame everything on fate.

In greed and in blind rage,

we love the dark, the light we hate.

For in love and in hate, 97 more words


Aspirant Dew

Aspirant dew,

Dampen the morn’

Taketh to Earth

Cleanse and be borne.

Down yonder greene,

Filleth with gold

Tender the beams

Caught in your folds. 38 more words


Comparing 4th and 3rd century BC sculpture

From the first decades of the fifth century BC, Greek sculpture began its great awakening and thus started the transition from what is referred to as the late Archaic period, to the era known as Classical, and Greek sculptors were amongst the main actors of this revolution of style. 1,908 more words


Antichrist by The 1975

Antichrist by The 1975

Well i swear there’s a ghost on this Island

His hands, all covered in blood
My wife enquired of understanding
But of course my dear, you can’t… 152 more words

I'm only Sleeping

Let us stick to our roots,

embrace our dismal pasts.

let us pretend that we,

as humans are advancing.

Let us herald our old heroes… 288 more words