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David and the writing of history

David has gone into history as the ideal king – humble and yet powerful. Songs have been sung about him, statues erected thousands of years after his lifetime. 637 more words


And like dominoes we fall...

I suppose it is the same on site as it is within any business, community, social group.

One person catches the common cold… and slowly but surely it gathers speed and intensity until like the last vestiges of the Roman Empire it finally comes and topples us all. 183 more words


Rediscovered remains of Richard III rediscovered again

The rediscovered corpse of King Richard III has been re-rediscovered this morning in Leicester Cathedral by a team of archaeologists.

The body, which had previously gone missing, then been found under a car park, dug up, seen by thousands of people and featured in a memorial service on live TV, disappeared forever again yesterday. 251 more words


Crystal River State Archaeological Site, Florida

The Crystal River Archaeological site is a pre-Colombian complex of six burial and temple mounds (and one midden) that surround a central plaza. Occupied continuously from around 200 BC, the site provides invaluable evidence from three distinct archaeological periods – the Swift Creek Deptford culture that was succeeded by the Weeden Island culture around 300 AD, and finally the Safety Harbor culture that began around 1300 AD. 307 more words

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Shouting at doctors: archaeology and food allergy

Two of my Facebook contacts have been involved in an animated discussion on the subject of food allergy. The thread considered several important points, but the passions it aroused in some of the participants raised some painful memories from my former life. 1,975 more words


From Kalambaka Greece

Yesterday we visited Corinth, and then made the long drive to Delphi, and then made the longer drive to Kalambaka, home to the “Hanging Monasteries.” 125 more words

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