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Lice: Dedicated Followers of Fashion

Not all palaeopathology is about death, believe it or not, and sometimes researching the diseases of the past can actually tell you a lot about how people lived. 594 more words


"That vase represents the rape of the past": Looted Mayan gods at the RAI Film Fest

So the other week I had the pleasure of attending the 14th Royal Anthropological Institute’s International Festival of Ethnographic Film in Bristol. I was only able to pop along for the final two days (thesis joys), but that was just enough to get the gist of the overall shindig. 918 more words


No more dog biscuits: a new life for Ashurbanipal’s Library

Jonathan Taylor, Curator of cuneiform collections, British Museum

Visitors to Room 55, the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Gallery of Mesopotamia 1500–539 BC will find a radically transformed display. 643 more words


Day School: Germany: Europe’s pariah or victim of circumstance? – Autumn 2015

How has Germany remembered the last two wars and why have there been claims of taboos concerning German civilian suffering? An exploration of the causes and consequences of the last two wars, tracing Germany’s transformation from ‘pariah’ to ‘victim’ in the context of that country’s remembrance culture. 37 more words

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Older past!

Archaeologists have found the earliest human footprints known outside Africa, at Happisburgh on the Norfolk coast.

Dating back 800,000 years, the prints are thought to have been made by five individuals, including both adults and children.

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Hey you! You broke my heart...

Hey you, out there on my walls stomping on me.  Won’t you help me.  You walk my ramparts, scribbling love messages to each other on me, but not one to me. 416 more words


Day 5 - Life at the Dig House

Here at Çadır Höyük, we are constantly busy with one task or another. For six days out of the week, we spend 7 hours a day working in the trenches and 2 hours conducting various lab work. 381 more words