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Articulating burial process: Primary and secondary burials in the British and Middle Eastern Neolithic

Something which has often come up as a subject of discussion in prehistoric British archaeology is that of excarnation and secondary burial.  What are these you ask? 413 more words


Object of the month: Recently discovered gold and garnet Anglo-Saxon pendant


A stunning Anglo-Saxon pendant still half buried in Norfolk mud


Trevor Heaton, writing for EDP24, reports on the stunning gold and garnet Anglo-Saxon pendant which has recently been uncovered in a Norfolk field - 210 more words


What do our things say about us?

I was at the pub last night, catching up with an old colleague and some of his friends who also happen to live in London (it seems a lot of archaeologists have migrated this way lately). 587 more words


The Maiji Grottoes

The main attraction to visit when you are in Tianshui are the Maiji Grottoes. The Maiji Grottoes are a group of carvings of Buddhist motifs sculpted on a hill called Maiji Mountain (麦积山). 687 more words


Preserving and recreating history

Today we had a mix of hands-on learning in the morning and touring in the afternoon, all of which was led and attended by members of the Ise city tourism association. 800 more words


Snorkelling Loch Kinord 26th and 28th February

I have had a chance to get a couple of days of snorkelling in at Loch Kinord. There is more diving fieldwork to come over the next week, but I thought I would share a few photos that have come up. 73 more words