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This week I’ve been updating my operating system and downloading the latest versions of various pieces of software that I use, and all the backing-up, installing and uninstalling this has involved has got me thinking: despite backups and redundant copies, cloud-storage and mirrors, there’s still something ephemeral about digital media. 178 more words


Oxford scholar: Egyptian history is 'a collection of rags and tatters'

Oxford Egyptologist Sir Alan H. Gardiner once wrote that “What is proudly advertised as Egyptian history is merely a collection of rags and tatters.”

Lately I’ve been writing about the authenticity of the Bible book of Genesis as an historical source. 470 more words

Ancient World

Even Romans Enjoyed a Spa Day!

So Natalie, Lacey, Jaymie, and I all enjoyed an expensive dinner, conveniently located at the D.O.C American Bar and Restaurant right across the street, Wednesday night! 486 more words

Exodus-era Egyptian Army HQ Found in Sinai

This is fascinating–Egyptian military fortress at Thawr, the regional army headquarters responsible for the Sinai in the biblical #Exodus period, has been uncovered.

Details here.

Prehistoric homicide

Researchers have found evidence of a 430,000-year-old murder, the earliest yet. While studying ancient hominid remains recovered from a Spanish cave, the scientists discovered a skull with two gaping head wounds that imply foul play. 29 more words