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The Seven Hills of Paris

You always hear about the seven hills of Rome but what about the seven hills of Paris? This reports on my scientific study of the Parisian hills, based on the… 155 more words


Paris Day 4 Vlog

We all know that life doesn’t stop for anybody. I’m certainly not the exception and before you know it a couple of months have flown by. 201 more words


Sunset in Champs Elysées

I don’t like to hang out that much in Champs Elysées. Because it is too crowded and I have this sensation of feeling like an ant! 64 more words


Travelogue: Peaceful Geneva and Mesmerizing Paris

We passed by Montreux, a place known for holiday resorts for the rich. The main attraction there is the Chillon Castle, a historic castle in Lake Geneva which is probably the most visited attraction of the country. 2,369 more words


A Day Trip to Paris

I always wanted to say that. Yes, I took a day trip to Paris. I’d been to Paris before, but going just for the day sounded like such a luxury. 448 more words

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Première semaine à Paris

Before I even got a chance to explore Paris on my lonesome, mon chéri was here to visit for the weekend.

It was lovely to explore a little of Paris with company before I would be facing several weeks by myself. 423 more words

Europe Vacation Part Deux

Ah, Paris. We are finally here! After just a short train ride from Germany we arrived at Gare De Lyon train station in downtown Paris in the late afternoon. 140 more words

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