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Pull me closer to your ocean of giving, i don’t want to understand, i just want to be near. Pull me closer so i can drown and not attempt to float.

Muslim Greed

The most logical solution for the conflict between Israel and the so-called Palestinians rests upon the Muslims. Without the land of Israel, the Sons of Jacob have NO country of their own to call home. 478 more words


Obama’s Beloved Arab Muslim Media Calls Him Most Vile, Racist Names

There are few things that Barack Obama will drop his golf clubs in order to defend, but Islam certainly impassioned him enough that he would rather insult the 75 percent majority of Christians in order to shield the aggressive ideology of Islam from any criticism.

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Old men reminiscing stories of the past

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Shiite dress code and Sing the boss

Today is Victoria Day. In the Middle East we celebrate centennials of Shiite slaughters, Israeli massacres, we celebrate independences claiming hundreds of thousands of lives, we celebrate the fall of blood-thirsty dictators and the sacrifice of thousands for a better world. 758 more words

Build and they shall not come

Israel has a relatively attractive figure: tall with narrow hips; the midsection widens then tapers off at the feet.  Galilee occupies the north, the Negev Desert stretches in the south, and at the center of things – … 785 more words