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A Simple Explanation to a Complex Problem

Taught by Dennis Prager and explained in 5 1/2 minutes.

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The Middle East conflict is framed as one of the most complex problems in the world. 86 more words


Halle Berry & the Jewish Problem

So what Halle Berry got to do with the “Jewish Problem,” you may ask. And with the Jewish people, while at it. And what is that problem, anyway? 1,216 more words


Homeless For A Day

If you are following this blog or have read some of my posts, you would realize that I am actually a super optimistic, realistic, and a let go kind of person. 763 more words


Purple Heart

Purple Heart

The heart was mentioned in the Quran and the hadith many times, but often overlooked by many Muslims.  We as Muslims have so much hate toward each other’s; forget hating the west or no-believers! 372 more words

Thou Art Shall Be Free

Remember how when we were young we used to express ourself and feelings through drawings, painting, songs and story books. I always eagerly anticipated that moment when my teacher would place a new clean sheet of with paper and freshly carved crayons on my desk giving me the choice to do whatever I wanted, to me that was freedom. 463 more words


My Arabian Horse <3 12 : LOVE OR LEAVE

Hey ya guys..! this post is nor a head or a tail for any other posts. But, its a result of randomness inside my skull..Make up or Break up, I think we all reach certain stage were we give a fuck about whatever our decision is, to stay or to part away, trust me U are not alone in this, I have been amused at times at myself thinking what Am I getting myself into..? 181 more words


Why, why, why

Why is it that I live in a society where it’s so unheard of that a woman moves to new country?

Why is it so ludicrous that a woman would want to leave her family behind to find work, success, money, a better life in a new place? 271 more words