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Funny You Don't Look Jewish or Japanese- Wait You Aren't- Who protrays the "Foreigner" and the "Other" in Movies and TV

Several weeks ago while I am biking up Mount Cadillac in Acadia National Park today, I am watching a TV program on which the actress Cote de Pablo is greeted. 1,833 more words

Why the success of ISIS is not unprecedented in history

Many commentators and news media have said or have implied that the success of the Islamic State of Iraq, commonly called ISIS, is unprecedented and has taken the world by surprise. 786 more words


Beirut, wlik yel3an rabbik ya Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon

I love you both. Having said that, let me now expand on everything else.

The genetically modified fruit of the piss of the gods. 1,680 more words

The Zouheir Zahreddine Oriental Cold Steel Stare

The East is a factory of balls.

Balls as in testicles, in case that wasn’t clear.
With its constant wars and its total nonacceptance of difference, its inhabitants, especially those not in tune with its pernicious status quo grow to be more resilient and tougher. 911 more words


Let me get one thing straight. Because it honestly kept me from sleeping the other day. I hope we all know in our hearts of hearts that when your favorite punk asshole from Kanedia talks about white people he means it in jest. 356 more words

In the Cockpit above Gaza

By David L.

The author is a Major (reserve) in the Israeli Air Force.

Circling above the eastern Mediterranean in the cockpit of my F-16, I have a lot of time to think. 845 more words

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