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"...and then there's, um, alcohol, and algorithms, and Al Gore, and..."

The thing about Lindsey Graham is that he’s normally dumb enough that when he says a thing that could either be a bad joke or something extra dumb, you’re never sure which way to go with it. 259 more words

Brawndo's Got Electrolytes

Food and Language Encounters on Cinco de Mayo

I know, I know. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday. But I am not in Mexico. And I am definitely in a place where I can get authentic Spanish food for super cheap. 939 more words


Klmatic Monologues: MSKEEN

Klma = Word. Klmatic Monologues is a semi-regular series on words in Moroccan Arabic (Darija). Note 1: I am neither a linguist nor a native speaker, so this should be taken as amateur antics. 594 more words


Leila Mourad (1948) ليلى مراد‎

There’s a plethora of bellydancers in this scene from the Egyptian film ‘Anbar’ (‘Amber’ عنبر). The film was released in 1948 and starred singer Leila Mourad in the title role along with Anwar Wajdi (who was also the writer and one of the directors), Hassan Fayek, Ismail Yassin, Zeinat Sedki and Abdel Wares Asar. 78 more words

Belly Dance

Many of the common duaas (=prayers) are actually taken from the Quran.
One of these is the following that we sometimes use in our 5 daily prayers or whenever we feel like it.

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