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The Growing Power of Urban Agriculture

Chemical fertilizers, E.coli, mono-cropping, fast-food restaurants, unethical treatment of animals, high fructose corn syrup, natural, genetically modified, Monsanto, Tyson, exploitation of small farmers, obesity, diabetes, food safety… These are some of the words that accurately describe the current state of the food industry in the United States. 2,327 more words


The United Nations Promotes Aquaponics

In 2014 the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) came out with a detailed 200+ page publication on aquaponics.  The abstract from  the UN Website is below. 354 more words


The Aquaponics Masters Class

I am sitting in the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin after 3 days of intensive hands-on learning at the Aquaponics Masters Class offered by industry leading supplier and sustainable agriculture evangelists Nelson+Pade.   4,042 more words


Oh Ye of Little Faith and If You Teach A Man To Fish

My garden is growing!  We planted the seeds less than two weeks ago, on March 19.  I was ecstatic when our lettuce popped up because the seeds are so tiny that once they are planted, you can’t see them.   514 more words


Adventures in Aquaponics - Week 3 Update

Week 3 is now up and miracously two fish are still alive. The plants are doing good so far. The lettuce and tomato plants are growing great but the peppers only grow slowly. 33 more words


The Bristol Borough Garden Project blossoms this year

Jack Firneno, the Wire

When the Bristol Borough School District built a new school a few years ago, they moved grades out of the high school and stopped holding classes on the third floor there, in part because the lack of air conditioning made it less than suitable for students. 705 more words

Bucks County

5 Great Ways to share your garden Surplus!

So you do or have grown your own fruit/veggies? Perhaps you stopped because you hated to see all that good stuff going to waste? Do you have a tinge of sadness every time you harvest? 915 more words

General Chatter

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As avid gardeners we have always had a little extra food to share with neighbors. But since we extended our grow season to 12 months with the addition of a greenhouse filled with aquaponics, we have an abundance of extra. Here are some great ideas for those in the same boat. Want to learn more about extending your grow with aquaponics: Aquaponics Basics