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Aquaponics Explained

In this post we hope to answer some of the simplest questions you may have about aquaponics.

What is aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a method of producing food. 819 more words


Auto watering pop bottle planter

So, as many of my ideas begin, I saw a GREAT idea on Pintrest, a 2 Liter self watering soda bottle planter with a fishie in the bottom part. 194 more words


Aquaponics set up plan

After a ton of research and looking at peoples designs I have finally settled on a vertical set up with the top half of it being… 153 more words


Aquaponics in Korea

Korea is a very gracious and hospitable country, full of wonderful people. But sometimes, things can be a struggle.

If you live in South Korea, then setting up your own aquaponics system can be very daunting. 894 more words


SQUEEEE!!! the garden lives

During the end of May I decided to finally start my garden. If I was anywhere else that would have been WAY late but I’m in Fairbanks Alaska so it’s quite normal. 285 more words


Lettuce and more Lettuce...

Since I pulled the kale from the aquaponics the romaine lettuce has gone nuts. These plants have already been harvested once and will be ready for another salad soon. 192 more words


Beta Fish Start

Well I bought a beta fish and put a Basil plant over the top f it. Will know in a couple days if I killed the Basil or the fish. 55 more words