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Of Mice and Men: Headline Revision

To revise Of Mice and Men, year eleven used headlines cut out from magazines and newspapers as a prompt to consider ideas/themes/characters.

In just under 10 minutes, students were able to recall a wide range of ideas from the text, selected quotations as evidence and worked impressively in pairs. 35 more words


A* Writing Companion for GCSE AQA French Controlled Assessment

8 tried-and-tested strategies for boosting students’ grades in their Unit 4 writing controlled assessments. Focuses on accessible techniques that you and your students can easily use. 169 more words


Electronic Textbooks for GCSE AQA and OCR History

Topics available from today:

  • OCR A Unit A954: American West e-textbook
  • AQA A Unit 2D: Germany 1919-1945 e-textbook
  • AQA B Unit 2A: Weimar Germany e-textbook…
  • 158 more words

Describe a difficult decision you had to make and explain the consequences

This was one of the questions on an English paper that my teacher gave me for revision, and I was so proud of the answer that I just had to share it. 412 more words

Drama: The Shadow of a Gunman Guide for AQA AS Unit 1 DRAM1

A comprehensive collection of commentaries and engaging student activities which explore this play from the perspectives of director, actor and designer to specifically support AQA DRAM1 Prescribed Play Section B. 97 more words


ALL Past Papers for higher Physical part of AQA GCSE Geography syllabus A

Revising for your exam by answering  past exam questions is THE best way to prepare and to get a better grade than in your mock. 127 more words


AQA PE 2015 Pre-Release Scenario Exam Preparation Pack Section B

A unique resource, totally focused on maximising exam performance and containing all the preparation material that students need for Section B on the pre-release scenario: 107 more words