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Memorial Day: Not just another reason for a BBQ

Memorial Day has become a sign that school is about to end, summer is on it’s way, and another day to hang out with friends and family and stuff yourself full of food.   547 more words

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, guys. I grew up the daughter of a military man – Air Force and then National Guards, and my dad, among all our others military service members, are my inspiration and my heroes. 49 more words

their noble sacrifice

during times of peace, sons bury their fathers;

but in war, it is the fathers who send their sons to the grave…

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Bonum Publicum

selfish or selflessness ?

Another day – More life pondering …

Sometimes a gesture is all you need to lighten someone’s day …

Appreciation … Respect … Integrity – All art forms that have been lost as focus shifts to the bigger issues in the world like racism, poverty, and health. 390 more words

Memorial Day

I took some time Sunday morning to think about the opportunities that I have in the United States.  Many men and women lost their lives defending our way of life and borders and that reality hit home.  85 more words

Dream Big