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What's the cost of cheating? In this case, all his Apple products

When you are in a long-term relationship, some very powerful emotions develop. If something turns the relationship sour, like say infidelity, the repercussions of that action will not be as simple as a mutual agreement to part ways. 361 more words


Apple Walnut Salad in Orange Vanilla Sauce

Hello and Welcome Back to Great Chow !

I present to you Apple Walnut Salad in Orange Vanilla Sauce.

I am proud of this presentation and I hope you enjoyed this blog, it is an amazing amount of work to create a great bog entry, I am learning so much. 450 more words


Penman No. 145: Another Watch to Watch

Penman for Monday, April 20, 2016

KNOWING WHAT an Apple diehard I am, friends have been asking me about the forthcoming Apple Watch, and if I’m going to get one. 1,134 more words

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Will i wear a smart watch?

Another iOS update and what did I gets? An app to sync my new iWatch. Great, thanks for the advertising but I have a watch. I also have a very accurate clock on my phone, laptop, in my car, In fact there is a timepiece just about everywhere I look. 290 more words



Hi, I’m Apple…

…and I’m Ginger.

And we were chatting to the Four Skins about their new album to coincide with the general election, ‘Music to Put Your Cross By.’ 504 more words


What's your DNA? Are you Different yet?

Has someone ever asked you, “What’s unique about you?” 1.3 Billion Different people and counting. That’s a hell of a Job done by The God. The question is, are you really different? 398 more words


How to optimise battery life on your Apple iPhone 6

To coincide with the release of EE’s Power Bar to their customers to prolong mobile phone battery life, here is a list of my top 30 tips to optimise battery life on your Apple iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3: 292 more words