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Appendix A. Names to Know


Marlom – The son of a Folk village’s smith. He reached majority, the age of adulthood, while his parents were dying of fever. 459 more words

Ashes Of The Endless

Dossofiorito's Poetry

When spring timidily approaches, I get all excited about gardening, and in spite lacking a green thumb, I enthusiastically start buy plants for the house. 152 more words


The Extras - How to Cash in on Backstory

~ Publicity Tip #59

Appendices and Story Bibles: when to use them and when not to ~

By Quan Williams, Author.

When crafting a story, especially a novel or series of novels, a writer will accumulate a lot of background information on his or her characters and setting. 664 more words


The search for Newton's constant

In Physics Today, July 2014, Clive Speake and Terry Quinn describe how measurements of G, Newton’s constant of gravitation, have not improved in accuracy as much as might have been expected since Cavendish used the idea to ‘weigh the Earth’ over 200 years ago.

Link: the Physics Today article.


A more fundamental International System of Units

The International System of Units (SI, from the French Système International d’Unités) is about to be radically redefined.  The seven familiar base units will be replaced by constants of nature that are, on the whole less familiar to the general public. 37 more words


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