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“of, relating to, or characterized by defects or weaknesses/ not perfect; lacking completeness” (definition of imperfect according to dictionary.com)

yesterday morning before going to college i was tying my hair and usually i side part my hair but, because last night i left it in a middle parting thought i’ll just middle part it. 385 more words

True expressions

With that little stretch she woke up and her room got filled up with those misty sun rays, who are always the first one to wish her good morning…. 181 more words

Approval ?

Ever since I could remember I always hated my appearance. I used to look in the mirror and scowl at myself as a child. I would study my face in such depth that I felt as though every single freckle seemed to consume it. 329 more words


Does Appearance Really Make A Difference?

Well of course it does. Ask yourself this, what does my image say about me? Some common mistakes professionals make are wearing their emotions on their sleeves and not putting any effort into their appearance. 122 more words


Body Positivity Challenge: Day 1

Day one: Write about why you want to do this challenge.

I don’t think of others differently based on their appearance, but why do I judge myself that way?¬† 159 more words

NEW VLOG: Doing make-up and cerebral palsy

Here’s a new vlog in which I show you how I do my make-up with my cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy

My Character Appearence Sets

Hi there! Below are my appearence sets in Graal Online Classic game, plus my experience talks and stories! :) 1,018 more words

Graal Online Classic