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He suggested I wear more vibrant colors
He doesn’t like seeing me in dark colors
He suggested I wear Mascara
He thought my eyes would be prettier… 85 more words


Day 175

Today I am grateful for waterproof mascara.

This grateful might seem a smidge shallow compared to most. But I have to be honest, I would be lost without waterproof mascara. 301 more words


Bleached My Hair, Oops

when I was thirteen, I cut my own bangs over the bathroom sink
I wanted to look like an anime girl
I wanted to sparkle and giggle and… 176 more words

It's ok if your family doesn't understand!

So since Christmas I have stopped wearing a bra. Along with stopping wearing makeup. It’s something I had been mulling over in my mind for quite some time before I decided to try it out. 792 more words


Skin deep beauty or timeless charm

So, it was one of those exceptional weekends when I had some leisure on my hands and I was lazily surfing television channels when I chanced upon this song playing from ‘Aandhi’ where a very middle-aged looking Sanjeev Kumar was crooning with Suchitra Sen ‘ 784 more words


GENTLEMEN! May I have a moment of your time?

What better way to kick off than to start right in the middle. Jumping right to the topic, with a certain in medias res sensation, here are the first pieces of wisdom. 359 more words


An Honest Break Down of Otherwise Unbreakable Walls

I’m awkward, and difficult, I’m socially inadequate and have too many limbs that move in all the wrong places. I can’t say the right thing in any situation and have no confidence that I have any kind of intellegence. 199 more words