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Skin deep beauty or timeless charm

So, it was one of those exceptional weekends when I had some leisure on my hands and I was lazily surfing television channels when I chanced upon this song playing from ‘Aandhi’ where a very middle-aged looking Sanjeev Kumar was crooning with Suchitra Sen ‘ 784 more words


GENTLEMEN! May I have a moment of your time?

What better way to kick off than to start right in the middle. Jumping right to the topic, with a certain in medias res sensation, here are the first pieces of wisdom. 359 more words


An Honest Break Down of Otherwise Unbreakable Walls

I’m awkward, and difficult, I’m socially inadequate and have too many limbs that move in all the wrong places. I can’t say the right thing in any situation and have no confidence that I have any kind of intellegence. 199 more words


It's More Than Just Hair / Day Four

It truly is more than just hair. A person’s hair is their image, it shows personality, it’s a creative outlet.

For two years I have not cut, or dyed my hair. 332 more words

How appearence effects people (including me)

So today, here in my home town of Kingaroy, I had the incredible privilege of being featured in not one, but two of the towns newspapers… Now that might not seem like a big deal to you, but here in Kingaroy with a population of 12,500 people, that’s kind of a big deal (for me anyway.) 414 more words



“of, relating to, or characterized by defects or weaknesses/ not perfect; lacking completeness” (definition of imperfect according to dictionary.com)

yesterday morning before going to college i was tying my hair and usually i side part my hair but, because last night i left it in a middle parting thought i’ll just middle part it. 385 more words

True expressions

With that little stretch she woke up and her room got filled up with those misty sun rays, who are always the first one to wish her good morning…. 181 more words