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Reality Unveiled

We constantly embrace the comfort of the apparitions of unfolding illusions with the fear of the distant reality veiled in time.
Jide Badmus


Have You Ever Wondered About The Afterlife?

When a person dies, there is always the obvious question of the afterlife.

Most people spend their lives contemplating this idea, formulating opinions and arguing incoherently until the day they find out for themselves. 2,259 more words

The Seance (Short Comedy Play)

What Bill Toohey believes to be contact with his dead father is in fact a fabricated show led by the charlatan medium Madame La Fayette. When Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s discarnate spirit winds up at the same séance things start to get uncomfortable for the faker. 100 more words

Nick John Whittle

Capital Punishment ... by Arthur E. Powell

“The victims of capital punishment, apart from the injury done to them by suddenly wrenching from the physical the astral body, throbbing with feelings of hatred, passion, revenge, and so forth, constitute a peculiarly dangerous element in the astral world. 208 more words


The First Apparition of Cabra

The main visionary of Cabra was Belinda Villas. On her written personal account, Belinda said that she and a classmate were walking home from school at midnoon of December 6, 1966. 522 more words



Cabra is an islet at the tip of Lubang, an island off the northern part of Occidental Mindoro, midway the Philipppine Archipelago. Its 400-hectare sparse land in the 1980’s was peopled by not more than two thousand inhabitants who were related by blood or marriage, to one another. 224 more words