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Spotting Counterfeits

I had the privilege of taking a trip to Israel in March. While walking around in Bethlehem, I ran across a Starbucks coffee shop. I wasn’t surprised to see one there, given the fact that American culture has found a foothold in virtually every country on earth. 740 more words


Great book coming out from Gorgias

I don’t mean the Gnomai!

A few years ago I came across a dissertation online providing a critical Georgian text (among other things) of the Hippolytean… 197 more words

Apostolic Tradition

Hippolytus, the patristic conference, and Coptic in Stevenage...

The second edition of the Hippolytus commentary will, says the publisher, be out in time for the Oxford patristics conference (http://www.oxfordpatristics.com/), though I have some editorial work to do. 109 more words

Apostolic Tradition

Blessed Are They That Mourn: Stratford Caldecott and Tradition

Hilaire Belloc calls the dons that taught him at Oxford «The horizon of my memories— / Like large and comfortable trees.» I can apply that expression to the friends of my parents whom I knew as a small child. 2,068 more words

The Dove

Paper on creeds on academia.edu

Newly uploaded to academia.edu is a forthcoming article in Questions liturgiques in which I build on previous work which suggested that the syntaxis was the earliest form of baptismal confession in Syria, by suggesting that Alexandria also had some form of creedal declaration as part of the baptismal rite from the earliest times. 78 more words

Apostolic Tradition

The Church, Pt. 2: Early Christians, Early Controversies

This is the second portion of an essay I recently wrote on “The Church” for graduate school application. I slightly edited it but have kept the footnotes as italicized numbers. 1,211 more words


Top Ten Reasons I'll Always Be Catholic. Part 3.

The Liturgical Calendar!
The liturgical calendar offers us gifts throughout the entire year. It pulls the faithful into mysteries of Christ daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. 1,321 more words

Catholic Beliefs