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Are We Living In The Last Days?


An important question that many Christians often ask is ” Are we living in the last days or end times?” When people ask me this question, I usually respond with a clear ” Yes and No!” Such an answer requires an explanation. 2,022 more words


How Old? Part Three

Jesus Christ, our glorious Lord and Savior, warned us about the enemy of our souls and his evil devices employed against us in John chapters eight and ten.  2,265 more words

Jesus Christ

My New Book: "Will You Be Found Faithful? Caring About the Heart of God in an Age of Apostasy"

My new book will be coming off the press sometime this summer. It’s a small book, under 100 pages, so it should be a quick read. 165 more words

Jesus Is The Hope Of The World

Where to start...

If you’ve just come to a realization that not everything is what it seems in Evangelical Christianity, it may be that God is prodding you. 900 more words


Exit Strategy End Times: "while readiness falls short"

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“Exit Strategy” (book seen below) is now available at most e-book venues.

Time is fleeting while readiness falls short.

“Dear Michael, Of all I said previously I think I failed to express how God has used your book in my life perhaps beyond what you initially intended.” 1,510 more words

"I vow to change nothing..."

Since the Pope had the salvation of souls and the upholding of the Catholic Religion which alone saves within his care, this Papal Coronation Oath was taken as a promise to God to always uphold and protect all that was handed down and received as being truly and authentically Catholic: 380 more words

Church Crisis