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Excellent introductions and outlines to each NT book by Dan Wallace


Scholarly defense of each New Testament book regarding the date of Writing, author, background, theme of each book, outlines.


A better Bible

The Bible is supposed to be the ‘good book’, and it is – if you cut out 99% of it. If the Bible is the good book then I’d hate to see the bad book. 374 more words


God's Grace is Sufficient

So often people think of grace as just a covering of their past. But grace is more of a present tense word. It helps us right now and continues into our future. 66 more words

Daily Broadcast

Why do Christians indoctrinate their kids?

One of the things I hear from non-believers all the time is that Christians indoctrinate their kids.

I would be fine with this if the accusation, as it more often than not does, didn’t include the implications that not only is indoctrination necessary to mold impressionable young minds because older people with critical thinking skills would never buy a religious myth but that it also an evil act that borders on child abuse. 704 more words


Our Modern Quest For Truth

Science continues to create theological problems that we have never been presented with before. This isn’t going to go away. We live in a scientific age where science is the dominant method for attaining truth. 1,176 more words


"Can a Christian today perform an exorcism"

Exorcism (commanding demons to leave other people) was practiced by various people in the Gospels and the Book of Acts—the disciples as part of Christ’s instructions (Matthew 10); others using Christ’s name (Mark 9:38); the children of the Pharisees (Luke 11: 18 – 19); Paul (Acts 16); and certain exorcists (Acts 19:11-16. 430 more words


Faith needs apologetics

by Stephen T. Davis:

In truth, faith needs apologetics. It needs it both to answer both the negative arguments of the resurrection and to construct positive arguments in favor of it. 69 more words