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A New Atheist Meme Explained: Women, Bibles, Guns, the Qur'an, and... a White Man

I help run and admin a great group of Christians at UK (United Kingdom…not the University of Kentucky) Apologetics on Facebook, occasionally members post some of the memes their enlightened Atheist friends share with them. 1,078 more words


Intelligent Design: The Link Between God and Modern Astronomy


“An ounce of evidence is worth a pound of presumption.”–(Dan B. Wallace, founder of The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts.)

What if I told you, though it may seem unbelievable, that the God of the Bible is true? 524 more words


Hyper Grace: A Critical Review - Part 2 - Repentance

In my previous post, Hyper Grace: A Critical Review – Part 1, I gave an introduction about the ‘Hyper grace’ doctrine and the basic keypoints in the OT and NT and about using a modified ‘Hyper grace gospel quiz’ to evaluate the Hyper grace doctrine in the light of God’s Word. 895 more words


A Response to Matthew Vines’ 40 Questions For Christians Who Oppose Marriage Equality Part 3

A Response to Matthew Vines’ 40 Questions For Christians Who Oppose Marriage Equality Part 3

  24.  Do you believe that the Bible explicitly teaches that all gay Christians must be single and celibate for life? 1,199 more words


Does the Magesterium save the Trinity from Sola Scriptura?

The doctrine of Sola scriptura is, I believe, a major problem for protestant theologians. Sola Scriptura is the doctrine that the bible is the sole infallible rule of faith, in can be summed up my Martin Luther in his Smalcald Articles: 2,032 more words


Pray, pray and never give up

Good Morning everyone.  People are still coming to Christ Jesus each and every day.  Yes, it is easy to let all the bad news occurring all around us to lose heart and hope but those of us who are followers of The Holy One of God need to keep praying.   1,173 more words

Does Doctrine Divide?

Reading through a book by Charles Ryrie on communicating doctrine (free right now through Wordsearch), I’m making my way through the very beginning of the book. 663 more words