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Fifteen Things Evangelicals Should Aspire to Understand about Evolution (Item 9)

9. Instances of fraud and error do not invalidate the theory of evolution.

Much attention has been paid by creationists to certain high-profile errors and cases of fraud that have occurred in the field of evolutionary biology. 124 more words


Evil, Suffering, and Eternity

It seems like every time I turn around, the topic of evil and suffering keeps coming up. Whether it is the mid-week Bible study on it, or apologetics podcasts I listen to that discuss the Problem of Evil, or the fact that my father-in-law is suffering from cancer, even when life is going well for me the issue is inescapable. 1,079 more words


Twitter Apologetics #001: Avoiding the KCA leads to Radical Skepticism

If u avoid the Kalam by saying things can come from nothing, then how u know u didn’t come from nothing 1 min ago w/ illusion of this world? 11 more words


Why I don't believe in limited atonement

It’s very hard to speak out against calvinism (much easier now than in reformation era Geneva) because people automatically assume I’m coming from an arminian perspective. 1,066 more words