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The Dress of Relativity...

You may have heard of the dress, the dress that is circulating around the internet, the one that is blue and black for some people while white and gold for other people. 389 more words


What if you only had four minutes to defend Israel's attack on the Canaanites?

Jonathan Morrow is giving you just four minutes to respond to a well-known challenge to belief in the Christian God.

Can you handle it?

If not, here is… 665 more words


Science, Religion and Carl Sagan

Science, Religion and Carl Sagan

 The following is an excerpt from Carl Sagan.  “Science is more than a body of knowledge; it is a way of thinking.   920 more words


Behold Your Mother

I just finished this book by Tim Staples. A great, under-300 page book that covers and explains Marian doctrine. It’s not an exhaustive apologetic, as it would make the book much longer, but it’s a great resource to have whenever you encounter some common objections against the Blessed Mother.

Go get it!

A Feminist Argument for Marriage (Part 1)

Western society (especially right now) by and large considers love to be the reason for marriage. Frank Sinatra famously sang, “Love and marriage, love and marriage…Go together like a horse and carriage…” Seems believable enough. 846 more words


Back to Basics

As promised, today we will delve into the topic of Salvation. Before adding my two cents worth, perhaps it would be best if we all look once more at the Gospel of John, Chapter 3, and… 132 more words

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The Problem of Evil (Part 3)

In Parts 1 and 2, Dr. Greg Ganssle explains the deductive form of the problem of evil and the proper response. In this video he focuses on the evidential argument, or what he calls “The Unicorn Objection.” He first explains the objection and then walks through, as it were, how the theist should respond. 6 more words