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Who we are

We have all gone to high school together for two years, and we are best friends. Two of us have been Catholic since we were born, and one of us just became Catholic a year ago!


The Gospel — Why Don't Even Those Who ARE Prepared for It Want to Hear?

The Jesus-loving, God-honoring Christian mind reads the Bible and thinks, “Truth is obvious. How can others not see it?”

The non-Christian mind looks at the Bible (usually without reading its content) and says, “It’s a fairy tale. 2,484 more words


Geisler's Gap

In the last twenty to thirty years there has been an enormous increase in the number of people engaged in various apologetics-focused ministries. Though it would be hard to trace this increase to any one single person, if you were to make a list of the four or five most influential apologists during that time, Norman Geisler would certainly have to be included on it. 1,281 more words


The Problem with Dualism

“Actually, dualism turns evil into a metaphysical principle, equal ultimately with good. Dualism grants evil a place with good, within some kind of order. Indignation at its presence thus becomes pointless. 123 more words


What to do if your husband has lost interest in going to church

Lindsay, from Lindsay’s Logic, has written a fine post on how to get men interested in the church.

She writes:

Many Christian wives with Christian husbands are concerned because their husbands are withdrawing from church and refusing to attend or to be involved.

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The Caricatured Christian

Hi there.  That’s Ned Flanders sitting beside this paragraph.  He’s Homer Simpson’s neighbor, and he hides a dark secret, though not necessarily very well. His secret? 1,263 more words