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Quiet evening on the town...

The bar was unusually empty for a Saturday evening, I was absentmindedly toying with my drink when there was a loud ‘boom’ and the walls of the bar shook violently, rattling the glasses on the shelves behind the counter. 458 more words

400 Words

The Condition

THE CONDITION – A Sinister Method

He says he can bring your wife back. But on one condition. Then he leans across your kitchen table and whispers to you. 370 more words




Cast out in the
Blister of sunrise,
I am a quivering lip.

My ears are hot,
and my stomach
boils, body bleating
as you arch your spiny… 215 more words


Creative Writing Piece - Love at the End of the World

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

We were supposed to grow old together. We were supposed to move to that small, thatched cottage in the Scottish Highlands, to have a dog who would never tire of running through the country that surrounded us, to live out the rest of our lives in peaceful tranquillity away from the noise and the rush and the static of the city we found ourselves in. 497 more words

Creative Writings


It would be easy to think that Detroit’s perilous financial situation and incapacity to provide basic social services has lead to something like the above: the apocalypse-like abandonment of a major metropolis, the death of the inner-city, the big shiny tower turned into a monument to man’s hubris.  16 more words



counting fireflies
he thought them
fire sparks

but what
fireflies could be
to find the
secret of spark

could we not then… 10 more words


It's Not Novel, But I Like Anthologies

Admittedly, I’m a rather recent convert to reading anthologies. I’ve never seen them on bestseller lists or on anyone’s must-read list. In bookstores, if you’re lucky enough to know where they still exist, most fiction shelf space is devoted to novels, too. 320 more words

Short Story