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The God Machine

Chris stared up at the enormous machine, towering over his head. It was a vast cube, a mile to a side, and constantly toiled, even when it had no assigned task. 3,035 more words


Prison Nation (Prison Nation, #1) by Jenni Merritt

What a great story, but man was that ending frustrating! I was hoping it would go in a different direction but I’m still intrigued to find out what happens next. 130 more words


Chapter 1 - Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

She stood before the safe, one hand beckoning, the other holding the cloth-wrapped bundle. Her face hid behind the veil, but her large dark eyes were sad and angry. 866 more words

Life As We Knew It

Truth As Art

The dictionary defines memory as “something remembered from the past,” and it defines truth as “a fact or belief that is accepted as true.”

Do we have true memories, or just memories of the truth? 652 more words

Post A Week


Halestorm is one of my favorite bands and I am really excited that they have a third album coming out on April 7th 2015. Today the band released yet another music video, this time for the song… 6 more words

Random Nonsense

Book Review: Triax, ed. Robert Silverberg (1977)

(Justin Todd’s cover for the 1979 edition)

3.75/5 (collated rating: Good)

Triax (1978) contains three original novellas written specifically for the volume.  I concur with Robert Silverberg’s defense of the novella form in the introduction, “it allows the leisurely development of an idea, the careful and elaborate exploration of the consequences of the fictional situation, while at the same time not requiring the intricate plot-and-counterplot scaffolding of a true novel” (vii).   830 more words

Science Fiction

Four Years, Four Months, and Fifteen Days

So I had an idea to write about, but I totally forgot what it was. So I’m just going to talk about random stuff until — haha okay honestly I just remembered as soon as I wrote that. 937 more words