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What Would You Do?

A small town in Kansas is suddenly without power, cut off the Internet and cell service, told by Homeland Security to activate emergency protocols. Then the news hits — terrorists have hit several cities around the country and clouds of radiation are headed your way. 12 more words

No Longer a 1-Book Wonder

Last year, I published The Willow Branch.

Not long after that, I read a blog article that said “Don’t be a 1-Book Wonder.”

So, enjoy… 7 more words

Lela Markham

Why Does She Follow Him?

Life As We Knew It  Ebook now available on Amazon. Look for the paperback next week.

Life As We Knew It

Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

Published years before there were 50 of them, Shades of Grey is about as far from erotica as you can get. Author Jasper Fforde is perhaps better known for his… 203 more words


City of Savages

My sister and I are nothing alike, so I related to the relationship between Skye and Phee in City of Savages by Lee Kelly. I mean the nature vs. 608 more words

Book Reviews

After the Snow

After the Snow by S.D. Crockett is a timely story in the sense that Senator Inhofe, the Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee recently threw a snowball on the Senate floor as ‘proof’ that there isn’t any such thing as global warming because look how much snow we have!   742 more words

Book Reviews

Leaving Planet Earth

Futuristic Microfiction

He only agreed to be part of the colony, because she was coming along. It was the year 2106, and humanity finally found a way to destroy themselves, and this time for good. 455 more words