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Review: Oakfield by David J Rodger

Author – David J Rodger
Published – March 2015

I’ve been making an effort in recent months to read and review books by other Indie and self-pub Authors. 1,207 more words


The Messengers S01E02 Recap: Strange Magic

After being affected by the arrival of a meteor in the first episode, “Strange Magic” finds the characters from The Messengers either in Houston or on their way to Houston. 1,401 more words

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The First Class Soundtrack and Bentbullet.com


Oh my God. I just discovered something.

Ok, before I go into this, I need to point out something. The soundtrack for First Class is a HUGE clue to the Erik is Raven, Hank is Charles thing. 976 more words


Why 20th Century Fox needs (and wants) Erik and Charles to be canon.

I’ve been getting a few emails from people expressing their disbelief that the production company that puts out the X-Men films, 20th Century Fox, would allow one of their mainstream films to feature a same sex couple, especially characters as well known as Magneto and Professor X. 1,317 more words

First Class

Douglas A-1 Skyraider

The Douglas A-1 Skyraider (formerly AD) was an American single-seat attack aircraft that saw service between the late 1940s and early 1980s. The Skyraider had a remarkably long and successful career; it became a… 94 more words


Nepal..and 4 rainbows in NYC(hope))

Nepal has my heart today.. I hope the trapped are freed and the suffering is not too great. A place of peace and if this is retribution, it is about China/Britian asserting control in the region. 117 more words

Station Eleven

Author: Emily St. John Mandel

A fast killing disease of mysterious origins begins wiping out most of Earth’s population and leads to the destruction of society as we know it. 997 more words