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Not-So-Silent Nature

A fresh snowfall glints across the woods like sparkly sugar and I’m a kid at the candy store. Me, snowshoes, poles, and the winter trail. No cars, no people, no loud noises. 793 more words

My OG Words

Card Challenge: Day 57

Hello, wonderful Reader! I apologize for not posting yesterday. I was running from 7:30-9:45 with class and clients, so I was simply worn out by the time I finally made it home. 1,768 more words

New Arrival

Help Me Reach 30 College Campuses with #ZombieBizBook

Start a Business (According to the Rules of the Zombie Apocalypse) is a parody business book for the under-30 crowd.

My goals with this project are 1) to self-publish my first book, which is an illustrated comic-book style publication, 2) raise enough funds to tour 30-college campus and offer presentations about entrepreneurship and turning big ideas into business, and 3) be able to expand this into more business books, targeting different topics and audiences. 25 more words


"Watch the World Burn"

“What are you doing up here?”

“Watching the world burn.”

“Seems like a lame excuse to burn your retinas.”

“Have you ever watched a world burn before? 317 more words


Watch Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech To Congress!

On the eve of Purim, Benjamin Netanyahu gave this moving speech to the United States Congress. Purim is the Jewish Festival that commemorates the plot of Haman of the Persian Empire to destroy the Jews. You have listen to this.

In Such An Hour


“Fire every nuclear missile we have at it.”

A lot of silo around the word opened and fired their missiles. The missiles quickly reached their target, a big meteoroid. 295 more words