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Response to writing prompt: new poem.

Prompt: War breaks out between the legions of hell and heaven, humanity joins and surprisingly is winning against both

Angels came flying

Then Demons and dying… 22 more words


Mad Max: Fury Road

Very action. Much Apocalypse. Extra wow.

Ok, so, I enjoyed the heck out of Mad Max when I saw it this week. I was drooling over the insanely detailed production design, gained an instant crush on Nux and I will absolutely be purchasing a copy of this once it comes out on blu-ray/DVD. 378 more words

Movie Review

New World Order

See the light fall, down. Into the abyss it plummets. The darkness arises and increases, red fire reflects and dances off twisted debris. Residual remnants of civilization. 136 more words

Mad Max: Fury Road

A man can’t steal a bunch of women from another man:

George Miller impresses with his inventive, weird and wonderfully mythologized film of an Australia turned bad. 633 more words


Margaret Atwood and the End of the World (Reviews)

I bring you options! Margaret Atwood is a masterful writer of apocalyptic fiction, and recently I read two of her books in quick succession, so if you want to read about the End Times but aren’t quite settled on  840 more words


'The Changes Parts 1 & 2, Volume 1' by Tim Cadman

You can buy The Changes Parts 1 & 2, Volume 1 on Amazon here.

Global warming has arrived. Charles Peters is a cultural linguist, with the depressing task of recording languages and cultures as they are lost to The Changes. 108 more words

FGI Publishing

Inspecteur Jean - page 5

The Army of Steel is a very racist group, Mutants are second class people to them, if they even see them as people at all. The comic is supposed to be ingame propaganda, there’s no political statement intended or anything.