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Migrating the XE Database Management Application to a new version of APEX

I must confess to a weakness when it comes to throwing stuff away.
This is particularly true of techie stuff.
Whilst I have occasionally cannibalised an old machine for parts, there is a regrettably large part of the garage reserved for “vintage” hardware that I might just need at some point. 1,304 more words


Extended Usage Modal Dialogs

One of the most exciting things about the release of APEX 5 was the use of ‘Modal Dialogs’. We could now create pages that we could render as popups, without having to navigate to a new URL or produce a new window. 178 more words


Music Discovery of the Day for 5/22/15

Today’s Discovery for Friday, May 22 comes out of Fayetteville, AR. Move Orchestra is a 3 piece band of brothers, who make music based on film. 73 more words


Big 10!

Super excited that I am here posting up my tenth motovlog! For my regular subscribers, you know that I average about one blog post in about four months, so you can understand how inspired I have been lately to be already at my tenth motovlog post within a month. 28 more words




If you miss both the North Salem Street red lights in “downtown” Apex, North Carolina you will drive through the center in about one minute. 687 more words

羅技 G303 Daedalus Apex 評測

羅技從去年初開始,照著一個很顯然早就規畫好的時程,從高階的有線滑鼠 G502 Proteus Core 開始,逐步地往低階更新。各間隔了幾個月後發表的 G402 Hyperion Fury 與 G302 Daedelus Prime 都依照這個計畫,在按鍵數、功能、和價格上逐步下調。本來以為接下來應該要出的是 G102,但沒想到在 G302 推出僅四個月後,羅技就又發表了 G303 Daedalus Apex — 一隻外型和 G302 一模一樣,而且除了更換感應器之外,其餘的改變似乎都是耍帥多…


Apex How to refresh detail reports.

Quick note to self

1. Create a link item in the master report
2. Add a class to each report you want to refresh. Eg mattRefresh. 68 more words