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Extending Lightning Process Builder and Visual Workflow with Apex

I love empowering as many people to experience the power of Salesforce’s hugely customisable and extensible platform as possible. In fact this platform has taught me that creating a great solution is not just about designing how we think a solution would be used, but also about empowering how others subsequently use it in conjunction with the platform, to create totally new use cases we never dream off!  2,359 more words


I want to put a Google Chart inside a Visualforce page rendered as PDF, is that possible? Yes*

Yes it is possible, even with new Google Dynamic Charts, it is possible*.

Earlier, generating Google Charts was a bit easy, as we just had to pass the data parameters in the URL and that’s it. 1,642 more words


Heirloom Pieces by Lisa L. Hannett | Apex Magazine

I’ve decided that I’m not a very good critic because I either try too hard to love the things I read, or I get irrationally mad at them because prolly they’re better than I could ever be. 69 more words

Short Story

Are u Still Mad!

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'Soccer For All' in Toronto

On Friday, March 27, 2015, we celebrate the world’s game, where Toronto area student-athletes can learn from the best and make a global impact.

Our friends at Crescent School are hosting ‘ 79 more words

Gulu United

Buy it or rent it, shelter is getting more expensive

One consequence of the housing crash has been the spectacular rise in residential rent. With fewer people able or willing to buy a home, demand for rental property surged. 466 more words

Last Quarter of 2014 Sees Solid House Price Growth in US

During the last quarter of 2014, the United States saw solid price growth for homes, with most metro areas seeing a slightly stronger rate of growth. 372 more words