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Lost in translation- An API for dynamically translating custom labels in Apex

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Custom labels are a great way to support multi-language Salesforce implementations. You can easily use them for handling text values in Visualforce pages and Apex code, without having to worry about the translations. 630 more words


Learn Salesforce1 Mobile Basics Using Trailhead

If you are new to Salesforce1 platform or want to know how you can learn Salesforce1 Mobile Basics this post is for you.

Salesforce.com has come up with a great learning module called Trailhead, announced in Dreamforce’14 which enables the developers of every level to brush up their skills. 248 more words


Uganda's ONLY full-time youth football academy?

Yes, the Gulu United Youth Academy is first of it’s kind in the entire country!

When we started here in Gulu earlier this year, we were certain that we were the only full-time youth academy in northern Uganda. 242 more words

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APEX 2k15

By Krista Jaworski

Only a few short weeks ago, 500 of us committed our Spring Breaks to service for the experience of a lifetime … … 257 more words

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Lightning Components - Start Here..

Lately, I have been playing with Trailhead a lot. Its so much fun and informative, and trailhead is definitely the future of learning for Salesforce related technologies.This reminds me of the interactive learning sites like codeschool.com or tryruby.com, but its so much hard to implement these with Salesforce because of all the interaction that needs to take place in a developer org (which is in cloud obviously), but Trailhead is a step ahead and made sure that necessary tools are built to connect the developer orgs and bringing it closer to that near perfect learning website. 578 more words


Using Oracle ORDS 3.0 & Rest Web Service References in APEX 4.2 to retrieve & Parse a XML response from Ebay

Here is an example using the Ebay API Finding Service that returns a XML object that is automatically parsed using inbuilt Apex XML functions and the results displayed in an Apex report. 694 more words


Colliding Stars Explain Enigmatic Seventeenth Century Explosion

New observations made with APEX and other telescopes reveal that the star that European astronomers saw appear in the sky in 1670 was not a nova, but a much rarer, violent breed of stellar collision. 1,295 more words

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