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Through The Lens

1/2000 s, F2.8, ISO 200, f=50mm

Experimenting further with both my 50mm and 28-70mm lenses again in Arnside I decided to instead of have the lens reversed and attached to my camera, have it at arms length and see if it did anything. 92 more words


How-To: Go beyond OS X Photos + make amazing wall art from your Mac's pictures (Part 1)

Apple knew it had something special to share with the world when it released iPhoto in 2002: in addition to printing 20″ by 30″ poster-sized photos, the original iPhoto’s “most stunning feature” (according to Apple) was a page layout tool that quickly turned digital photo collections into printed hardcover books. 1,298 more words


Aperture - Defined

Aperture is a variable size opening in the lens, through which light enters the camera.

Aperture numbers indicate the amount the aperture blades are closing. This is sometimes confusing for people since a small aperture number means a larger aperture opening. 149 more words


Basic Photography Controls

Lighting Strikes!!! by Asim Eijaz on 500px

Camera Canon EOS 700D

Focal Length 18mm

Shutter Speed 62 s

Aperture f/5.6

ISO/Film 200

Learn the Basic settings… 321 more words


Lens Reversal

1/1000 s, F1.8, ISO 100 f=50mm + reversed 28-70mm

Recently on a outing to Williamsons park with some friends I decided to experiment with my lenses I had on me at the time, my F1.8 50mm prime lens and a 28-70mm F2.8 lens, coincidently they perfectly fit into one another due to the metal lens hood… 224 more words


Day 184 - The Prom

Last night was the school Prom. My 15 year old daughter attended, and so did I with my 28-300mm lens on my crop sensor camera. 55 more words