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Day 144 - Hosta after the rain

In my garden I have a hosta, the lovely green leaves looks lovely for a few days once it springs to live from nothing and then it becomes a firm favorite with snails, slugs and other garden insects who seem to have a feast on the leaves. 497 more words


3 Basics in Photography

What is photography? Photography is the art and science of producing permanent image of a subject for artistic or functional use. Photography began as early as the 1920s, from copper plate, to film, and today the digital cameras. 828 more words


Aperture/Depth of Focus Experiment

I find it incredible that I’ve only just learnt that a wider aperture means a more shallow depth of field. So to confirm this to my self I thought I’d take some photos of some glassware…some really really nice glassware. 60 more words


Day 142 - Donkey Foal

Today I headed back to see the swans,  I only had a limited amount of time, but I wanted to see how the sygnets were doing and what they were up to now. 613 more words


Blue Flag Iris

Man does not live by odonate alone. There, I said it. You may be thinking, “Oh no he didn’t. Blasphemer! Heretic!” I guess sometimes I need to channel my inner  101 more words

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