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A nice night on the town

ArtCards.cc is our magic carpet. Within seconds we realized there were three openings Wed night within five blocks of our apartment on the UES. The first was typical: a gallery asks one of its artists to go to his attic and drag out pix from 30 years ago. 277 more words

A rusty screw.

aperture 7.1 / shutter speed 80 / ISO 400


Day 57 - coffee and cookies

Today was a baking day … so I made cookies and thought I would share them with you… they taste amazing – you can choose between a… 308 more words

Jelly Babies And Alsorts!

Orange Bluet damselflies (males)

What’s orange and black but actually called a “bluet?” The Orange Bluet damselfly (Enallagma signatum), of course!

The word “bluet” refers to a type of damselfly rather than the color blue, specifically species of damselflies in the… 127 more words

Digital Photography