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The Oklahoma Emergency Bill To Whitewash America's Attrocities Throughout History In High School Classes

In a move that can be only described as “historical facts are bad for America”, lawmakers in Oklahoma have put down an emergency bill to ban Advanced Placement history classes.  678 more words


The New, More Patriotic AP History Test from Pat O'Brien and FOD News

This is a comical “More Patriotic AP history test” from Funny or Die. It’s just what the conservatives ordered! This is my favorite question:

It was okay to use civil disobedience tactics during the Boston Tea Party because: 74 more words


American exceptionalism and the context of fear

Headlines roar over Rudy Giuliani’s latest personal shot against the president for being unpatriotic and an Oklahoma legislator’s bill to bar high school students from taking AP history. 660 more words

President Obama

Why we NEED A.P. U.S. History; why this is the scariest crap I've seen lately.

There is some terribly frightening news circulating the country lately about a staple course in high school education– news about Oklahoma making major changes to their Advanced Placement U.S. 857 more words

Sara Says

No AP History, Unless It’s Old-School American History #diversity #inclusion #education

When I was in school, I took AP classes in history, English and Spanish. I couldn’t tell you what specifics the curriculum covered — most days by dinnertime I couldn’t tell you what I ate for lunch — but I do remember the lively discussions that were typical of those gatherings. 402 more words


APUSH for Ignorance

I’ve never been a big fan of Oklahoma. Their beer is weak, and that makes me incredibly sad for everyone that lives there. But what makes me sadder is that the Oklahoma House Education Committee is trying to take away the option of Advanced Placement United States History instruction from its high schoolers. 551 more words