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Banning AP history course threatens U.S. education, first amendment principles

Recently, an Oklahoma legislative committee voted 11-4 to ban the U.S. History Advanced Placement course.

Following party lines, lawmakers claimed the course’s syllabus focused too much on “secularist” and “progressivist” issues such as the separation of church and state. 22 more words


Belief as limitation, on campus and off

When I am not thinking about the next blog, I staff workshops that support people in discovering that all of their experience is narrowed by their beliefs. 640 more words


Should Politicians Be Historians?

If you’ve been keeping track of the latest and greatest in the news, you may have come across some rather troubling political developments.  In a time when we have a critical need to understand our history and use such knowledge as the foundation for responsible decisions, there seems to be a profound gulf between what a politician should know, and what he/she actually displays. 368 more words

High School American History Contest

Win $2,000 for writing about American History!

We usually write about issues in elementary education, but we couldn’t resist sharing this great contest for high school students. 89 more words

American History

Erasing U. S. History

It has been a concern for years and I have tried to spread the warning in earlier posts, but here we go again.

Texas represents two major themes in this controversy. 596 more words


Georgia Senate targets AP history courses as too ‘radically revisionist’ | www.ajc.com

Following Oklahoma‘s example, Georgia conservatives are trying to undercut the Advanced Placement US history courses in their state. On March 11 the Georgia Senate passed a bill (SR80) that threatens to defund the program if they do not get what they want: a mythic history promoting American “exceptionalism” and the unfounded assumption that this is a Christian nation. 96 more words