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Scrapbook #4

Scrapbook #4

I’ve had one of those weeks where I can’t get anything done.  My head is still in Paris and my ‘To do list’ is getting longer and longer. 86 more words

Anything Goes

Stabbing Backs And Blowing Gabriel

This past week has been very eventful for Zack and me. On Tuesday I got my first tattoo and Zack had his graduate school showcase performance. 590 more words

Where Have You Been?!

Sorry about the lack of posts. I have had a really tough week, but I had posts pre written for Monday and Tuesday! I have decided that if I make a schedule I can stick to posting and hopefully please all of you! 198 more words


The Adventure of Unemployed

Now that I have time for myself, I am starting again to write in my blog. Though I am not good writer,I just love to write. 356 more words


Sharp Idea 41 Anything Goes

I would like to admit that I am a hard-core fan of the Gilmore Girls tv series. While rewatching the series I have gotten to a point where the daughter, Rori, is filling out an application to Harvard, her dream school. 203 more words

Anything Goes

Sharp Idea 40 Anything Goes

In an effort to use a new medium I decided to draw. By draw I mean doodle but depicting a visual image of how I feel many times.  554 more words

Anything Goes

Middle Income Trap Theory Is Not Perfect

Obviously, I’m nowhere near of anywhere to consider myself a knowledgeable person on the topic of economics, and to have myself even consider of dabbling with the topic of world economy is just ludicrous.   1,481 more words

Anything Goes