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Richy lay among his friends, his yellow eyes checking Dan every once in a while.
Dan sat among them knowing too well he was seen. 967 more words

Should Minimum Wage Be Raised Or Not?

For pure intellectual reason, I got interested in the debate of should we raise or not raise the minimum wage.  After watching Walter Block and Bill Quigley debate on minimum wage, my interest in this topic can only be enhanced.   1,175 more words

Anything Goes

Nothing like the 'Real Thing' but...

My weekend was a bit disappointing and interesting at the same time. I had plans to get away with a few of my girlfriends to catch up and have a little fun, but things just fell through. 308 more words

Anything Goes

Shia and the Other Guys

So we decided since everyone is out there making Shia videos we would try as well.

Anything Goes

As Long Humans Won't Go Insane, M.A.D. Still Matters For Some Time To Come

I’m a keyboard warrior, and here is my theory on what if U.S.A. and China would go to war against each other.  I’m not an expert in military weaponries and technologies, and so I’m not even going to try to be specific in details.  1,165 more words

Anything Goes