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This weekend was awesome. Megan and I hung out through the entire weekend. We tried wines and snuggled with her 8 month old. She helped me pick invitations, wines and shoes for the wedding but you can read that at… 327 more words


Why I'm blogging again.

I haven’t blogged in ages, long enough that I felt that I should delete my old stuff and start afresh, because maybe I’ll have new things to say if I ever come to writing about those old topics again, but it felt a bit weird having only new blog posts and posts from over a year ago. 616 more words


My aching foot and other musings

So today the foot saga continues. As i mentioned previously, I hurt my foot by dropping a plate on it. For those that know me, it wasn’t a shock. 310 more words

Chronic Illness

Standardized Patient Scenario

Every time an extra opportunity at school presents itself, I take it. I want to be outgoing and excel; engaging in these activities help promote my success. 394 more words


I don't post very often.

This is a little weird for me to discuss because it’s a touchy subject, but I’m in the mood to write and I want to write about something meaningful to me. 663 more words


I already need a nap next week

I’m glad I had a good day with my family today, because I’m not going to be seeing much of them for a while. 454 more words

Inside My Head

Little Worrier

This week’s post is dedicated to my beautiful long lost friend, Nonee, as this week I was reminded of a conversation we had long ago about a little fish. 361 more words