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I'm sad and feel like a failure

I’m currently sitting in the parking lot by the marina because my parents think I’m at class. They don’t know that I withdrew. I haven’t told them yet. 426 more words

Body, Mind & Soul

I never really understood this triad. I guess I was too focused on this plane.

I always felt that the existence in this reality plane was a duality, and hence just a combination of body and soul, or mind and body. 479 more words

Explaining Life

I Want A Goddamn Donut!

Its only been 23 days and I am so over this One Year Challenge shit. I swear I just put too much damn pressure on myself and instead of dieting and exercising, I just want to curl up in a ball and eat Cheetos and watch Netflix in the dark. 136 more words


Why Depression Is A Never-Ending Battle

The first time it ever crossed my mind that I may have been suffering from depression came after months and months of feeling alone, empty, overwhelmingly sad and just downright exhausted to the bone. 650 more words

Prayer and Anxiety Are Like a Really Badly Mixed Drink

I hate silence.

Silence gets on my nerves. So if you see me at work or at home, there’s probably something being played, whether it’s a TV show episode or music or something that goes into my ears. 587 more words

The Bible


I see the shrink in just under two hours. I am not excited. As per my usual, I was so anxious the night before I didn’t get to sleep until after 1 a.m. 1,049 more words


Bonus Poem of the Week: Stir Crazy Stupid

Stir Crazy Stupid
May 21, 2015

Man, do I feel stupid—clueless, vapid, dumb!
So many obstacles these days I’m to overcome—
Things with which I’ve never had to cope in the past. 451 more words