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The Frustrations of Having Depression

I hate depression.

It is so inconsistent

Either let me live my life or kill me.

Don’t toy with my emotions.

Don’t give me false hope. 119 more words


How Sheep Are "Like People": Sheep Form Strong Emotional Bonds

Sheep are herd animals.  They have a special social dynamic that governs sheep-behavior and sheep-society.  In sheep world, there is safety in numbers.  There is comfort in sticking together. 902 more words

How Are We "Like Sheep"?

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 14

For me, this is pretty easy to answer. The biggest problem I’ve faced in recent years especially, is my anxiety. It’s a problem that’s affected a lot more of my life than I would care to admit. 456 more words


aging record

broken and fragile is the mind of this old soul

cracked and thinning is the body of this aging whole

on the way trudging through this wicked stroll… 18 more words


Breathing underwater

The last few weeks have been tough. Really tough at times. I told myself when I started the blog that I wouldn’t sugar coat things, that I would write about things as they really are. 565 more words



Anything but me
That’s what the world tells me to be
That has been my reality
I’m trying to change into my fantasy
In it I have no anxiety… 39 more words


The truth behind my insomnia

Obviously several things have gotten in the way of restful, restorative sleep for me, but I haven’t shared one. What prompted me to write this post was my daily phone check in with my therapist. 378 more words