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29. Savasana 

Savasana, or corpse pose, is the final resting pose in just about any yoga class. The yogis will tell you that it’s a time for your body to integrate and absorb everything you’ve just practiced. 278 more words

Totems Around Town! #TGIF

No need to be crabby, it’s FRIDAY!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

Stay well.

Does your Totem like the beach? Take a picture of your Totem and send it to me at julie@totemtamers.com and maybe you’ll see it here! 33 more words


A Long Road Ahead

I had no idea about the journey I was about to endure… Thank goodness I had a great support system by my side; my wonderful Mom. 704 more words


Not so Daily

So it’s hard to restrict when I’ with my mom 24/7 if I don’t eat she’ll think something’s wrong. Which something is wrong obviously. I’m incredibly stressed with being at the hospital all day and not doing normal things like playing games or watching tv to keep my anxiety down. 160 more words


Dealing with the Uncertainty of Change

When changes comes, it can feel unfamiliar. You gain insight that leads to action, and you see improvement in your life. If it feels sudden or too easy or even if you’ve put in a lot of work, you begin to worry that it won’t last. 319 more words


Loving the Neighbor Day to Day

Yesterday I was on my way making a quick trip to the grocery store. As I was stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to change I saw him. 400 more words


Hi there fellow interneters!

I guess this post is something to get things off my chest.

The last few days have been exciting. I have had a couple of job interviews and therefore I was happily gazing into the future of my potential career. 451 more words