Here is Felix in Berlin as he prepares to go down the steepest slide I have ever seen. The boy has no fear.

And Antonia not appreciating being made to pose looking into the sun. 69 more words


Alex Velea și Antonia te așteaptă la show-ul lor exploziv “Defectul tău sunt eu”

Cel mai așteptat show al primăverii, “Defectul tău sunt eu”, se anunță unul perfect și candidează la titlul de cel mai tare show al anului. Alex Velea și Antonia aduc, în premieră pe scena Sălii Palatului, muzica, iubirea și prietenii din showbiz într-un show exploziv! 184 more words



Felix and Antonia: having the best time ever in a park in Germany this week. It was Antonia’s first proper swing. (Here’s a post about one of Felix’s first swings… 79 more words



It feels a little cheeky, having entirely skipped the winter, but I am marvelling at spring all the same. The bulbs in the park in town are piercing through the earth, nothing can stop them. 127 more words



Felix: Fireman’s hat on, so proud of the towers he built while I attempted to put Antonia to sleep. He told me the tallest tower fell over several times but he didn’t mind, he just tried again. 252 more words


Seven months

Being seven months old with a big, adoring, bouncy brother is quite an experience. This evening Antonia laughed and laughed at Felix’s game of throwing a balloon to Michael and me, and then trying to catch it himself. 128 more words



Felix: Jet-lagged and tired after a day at barnehage, but concentrating hard on ‘cooking’ dinner in his mini kitchen. I love the light in our house on sunny afternoons. 238 more words