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The Hybrid, AKA Scintilla (2014) Science Fiction That Feels Real

This 2014 film, originally titled Scintilla is one of the most believable science fiction movies on offer at the moment. Its tale of genetic experimentation and finding DNA on meteorites scattered across Russia which go towards making a human/alien hybrid feels all too real in a time where gene splicing is almost becoming the norm. 508 more words


Scrotal Recall

WIth that rather off-putting name and the fact that the show only consists of six episodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people never bothered to watch… 598 more words

Netflix Gems


For the past two weeks, I have been glued to my laptop mindlessly watching a popular British show called “Misfits”. I watched the first season, or series as they call it in the UK, a few years ago when I had an off day for class. 412 more words


Random Netflix TV Night: Scrotal Recall -- Season One

If I’m honest, the title certainly gave me pause as to whether I really wanted to try out this show. It seems crass, or at least raunchy, but it ended up being a sweet, British comedy with a lot of heart. 346 more words


Give the Netflix series 'Scrotal Recall' a chance

We have all been told from the time we were young not to judge a book by its cover. The same should be said regarding a television show and its title. 401 more words

Antonia Thomas stars in the evocative horror ‘Thea’ now under production

Filming has just started on the supernatural  feature from Nirpal Bhogal THEA. The films stars the alluring Antonia Thomas and is a classic portrayal of a family trying to save their daughter from a malevolent being. 424 more words

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