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I’ve watched the first two episodes of the new tv series Gotham, and a few things spring to  mind. Firstly, just how great the show looks, particularly in HD (people waiting for the inevitable Blu-ray box are in for a treat). 779 more words


Ancient Film Industry Feared A Dark Batman Movie Would Fail

A whole lot can change in 25 years.

There may be no better proof of just how much pop culture can shift in a quarter century than this 20-minute video Warner Bros. 135 more words


You Wanna Get Nuts? Let's Get Nuts: Batman at 25

I didn’t get to see Batman in the theater.  That came later.  No, in 1989, the home video industry was starting to boom and my father’s refrain was, “We’ll wait for the video.”  But even on our 25″ wood panel RCA television,  I was mesmerized by it.   431 more words