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The unholy trinity of Israel-bashing churches: neither a moral stance nor a reality-based position

Here’s the New York Post editorial board’s concise denunciation of the United Church of Christ’s resolution calling on its member groups to divest from companies that it says profit because of Israel’s presence in the West Bank. 465 more words


Mikahel posing and sponsoring Boy London clothing that contains Nazi imagery on their instagram. The caption reads:

mxhkl 💕 ☆ Sponsored Mini Skater Eagle BOY Print Skirt & Boy London Crop Top from Chicnova ☆ 💕

Where Was God?

I’m not a religious person. I was raised Catholic, attending a Catholic school where I was taught about God, the Bible, the 10 commandments, and prayer. 627 more words

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Fourth of July

The woman I was named after saw her family killed when she was twenty-four years old.

I think about her sometimes. She was born almost exactly one hundred years before I was, give or take a week; she was the daughter of a rabbi and a woman who owned a button shop; she lived in a town in what was then Russia and is now Ukraine. 714 more words



she is old as fuck.

Before she went on wendy williams she said to her daughter “I know I am your graceful mother with a movie star beauty, but that is only in the family; as soon as I go out there I will be a piece of shit and that is why you will never be in show business.” 777 more words

Bad blogger! Go think about what you've done!

It’s been two days since I last posted. Something about best laid plans and life happening, etcetera. As tends to happen, whenever you’re settling in for some down time life gets unexpectedly hectic. 395 more words

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My Reflections on the Contentious Israel and Palestine Issue, and on Antisemitism

Yesterday, I posted the following, regarding my recent satire. https://thematicsatire.wordpress.com/2015/07/02/two-satire-pieces-on-antisemitism-and-israel-and-further-reflections/

I haven’t linked to any of my relatively new pieces on TheSpoof recently. So here are two recent pieces.

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