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The Oroville Lake reservoir

Houseboats are moored on a shrinking arm of the Oroville Lake reservoir which is now at 25% capacity as a severe drought continues to affect California.


A Response to WHY ARE JEWS LIBERAL? in Commentary Magazine



The following is my reply to COMMENTARY MAGAZINE’S symposium on why Jews tend to be liberal.

Norman Podhoretz’s book is really an apologia for liberal Jews, which goes to show, that all said and done, it comes down to ‘we Jews stick together.’ Norman Podhoretz isn’t condemning liberal Jews in the manner that Biblical prophets condemned Jews who went astray. 5,026 more words

Antisemitism in Medieval England: Ventriloquism and Bridging Gaps

Clifford’s Tower, where the Jews of York met a gruesome fate in 1190, hounded by a mob of Christians.

The origins of antisemitism in Britain, especially England, have induced a great deal of lush discussion. 3,781 more words


Anti-Semitism in Malmö reveals flaws in Swedish immigration system

Another story on antisemitism in Malmö, exacerbated by the marginalization of Muslim immigrants and refugees:

Sweden has a generous immigration policy – last year the country of 9 million took in 85,000 refugees.

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Philosemitism Is More Dangerous than Antisemitism... At Least in Today’s World.


If antisemitism is a unified theory(of science, religion, history, etc) that views Jews and/or Jewish culture as essentially sinister, philosemitism argues the very opposite. Philosemitism is a grand theory that says Jews are the fountain of much if not all that are wise and noble. 11,406 more words