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Purim in Washington: Appearing Uninvited Before the President

by Geert ter Horst

During their first exile, thousands of years ago, the Jews faced the threat of extermination in the days of ancient Persia. The highest ranking Prince of the Persian Empire, Haman the Agagite (Est. 429 more words


Are "Israeli Apartheid Week” activities really "anti-Semitic"?

Across many Canadian campuses, and indeed around the world, March is the month for “Israeli Apartheid Week” activities. The international movement appears to be growing. Israel’s defenders are fighting back claiming that they are “anti-Semitic”. 314 more words

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Sign the American Jewish Congress’ Petition! Tell the European Union that more action MUST be taken against Antisemitism!

This past year has seen a surge in anti-Semitism unknown for decades. Attacks against Jews have steadily increased, from the murders at a Toulouse Jewish school, the Brussels Jewish Museum, the horrors of Paris’ Hyper Casher, to the recent killing of a Jewish security guard in Copenhagen. 112 more words

Kick It Out! Report Anti-Semitic incidents on or around the football pitch!

Anti-Semitism and general racism have surfaced as a major issue in the world of football. Only recently the owner of Wigam (Dave Whelan) was formally accused of using anti-Semitic slurs, supporters of West Ham United were caught singing an anti-Semitic song on a train, and Chelsea fans were filmed spouting racist abuse. 93 more words

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks Before Congress

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Excerpts taken from APNews.myway.com

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Monday, after arriving in Washington to speak before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, responding to an invitation extended to him by Speaker of the House John Boehner. 655 more words

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