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MRA Peter Nolan: "Killing women is the only path to justice for men now."

Men’s Rights Activists love to “warn” women that they may soon face a day of reckoning if they don’t shape up and start acting the way MRAs think they should. 573 more words


Return To Modesty.

“Modesty acknowledged special vulnerability, and protected it. It made women equal to men as women. Encouraged to act immodestly, a woman exposes her vulnerability and she then… 60 more words

MRA huckster Paul Elam is asking for donations so he can charge dudes money to talk to him

More signs of desperation over at A Voice for Men, the Men’s Rights/Lady Disparagement site that has apparently ceased to be the cash cow for its founder, the unlovely and untalented Paul Elam, that it once was: 659 more words


Red Pill Redditors prepared to take New Zealand by force -- using skills gained from Call of Duty

The lovely fellas in the Red Pill subreddit are up in (possibly imaginary) arms about a new anti-troll law that, they’re convinced, has made… 102 more words


It Came from the Trash Pile: MGTOW mad-libs edition

Today, another little treasure from the trash pile — that is, a comment someone left here but that I decided not to let through but which I have since decided might be worth sharing with the world. 1,378 more words


Is Rachel Dolezal Just Another Histrionic Personality?

Is Rachel Dolezal Just Another Histrionic Personality?

Recent articles in print and online have suggested any number of explanations for Rachel Dolezal’s “ethnic fraud,” ranging from a naive assumption that she ‘just appreciates black culture’ to claims that she is mentally ill or a huckster or whatever. 1,437 more words

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Reducing "he or she" rhetoric to absurdity

A reader sent me the following quotation from Peter Kreeft’s Socratic Logic, 3rd ed., p. 36, n. 1:

“The use of the traditional inclusive generic pronoun “he” is a decision of language, not of gender justice.

101 more words