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"I wonder if there's a single person writing on 'toxic masculinity' who could out deadlift a certified alpha," Red Piller wonders

Here’s what is unquestionably the Red Pill Quote of the Day. Well, to be perfectly honest, of two days ago, but I only saw it just now. 15 more words


He’s Just Not That Into You—A no-excuses Truth to (Valuing Women to Their "Proper Place" with Gender Inequality.) Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3: He’s Just Not That Into You If He’s Not Dating You

Nona’s Rating: Two Thumbs Up

This chapter was a bitter pill to swallow. 540 more words


Canadian MRA Dan Perrins launches hunger strike, demands the arrest of those who've "libelled" him UPDATED

UPDATE 5/16: Perrins has called off his hunger strike. Here’s his explanation

Dan Perrins, a famously confrontational Canadian Men’s Rights Activist and staunch supporter of A Voice for Men,  has launched a hunger strike outside the Queen’s Park Legislative Assembly in Toronto. 1,657 more words


UK Election: Mike Buchanan of the Justice for Men and Boys party gets 153 votes. Not 153,000. 153.

Apparently the UK elections are a bit of a disaster. But there is one bit of good news amidst the wreckage:

Mike Buchanan of the Justice for Men and Boys party is a huge loser.  217 more words


20 More Brilliant Insights From #HowToSpotAFeminist

My post yesterday about #HowToSpotAFeminist— which is still going — didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the ugliness and absurdity of the hashtag. 448 more words


A Voice for Men writer: "Marriage is a licence for sex," and laws against marital rape will destroy marriage itself

A Voice for Men seems to joining the ranks of the marital rape deniers. In a post on the site today (archived here), AVFM contributor Amartya Talukdar attacks… 622 more words


MRAs, other jackasses troll the American Psychological Association with petition to declare feminism "a symptom of severe mental retardation"

One civic-minded fellow has launched an exciting new campaign to better the lives of men and boys by pestering the American Psychological Association with a… 143 more words