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[Re-Plug] A Spurt of Productivity

Here we have it. Proof today that I was productive. And this is but a tiny fraction of my productivity. I’ve paid bills, called conditional employers, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned my shower, and did another round of… 216 more words


[Re-Plug] Not the Changes I Need, but the Changes I Deserve

Healthy, cheap, and lasts for several meals–I always forget that pasta hits the trifecta of food awesomeness. Also, that sauce has vegetables in it, so BOOM on my usually non-existent daily veggie intake. 308 more words



I shared about how I discovered the Instant Gratification Monkey here. Well, the guys who created him over at Wait But Why now have a plush version of him. 78 more words


[Re-Plug] What I Did Today

What is a normal daily task for many people is a month-long stare down for me. So that’s why cleaning my living room is my re-plug. 108 more words


Michaeline: Getting to the Magic of Writing

I talked about positive triggers last week. I generally find that once I sit down to write, I can write something. But I’ve fallen off the writing horse more than a few times, so sometimes just getting into the saddle and putting my fingers to the keyboard can be a huge struggle. 425 more words


Michaeline: Heigh-ho, Trigger!

I’m talking about anti-procrastination this month, and I’ve got another link-heavy post, but I hope you find it useful. Last week I talked about using hypnosis to boost your motivation. 489 more words

Writing Process

Michaeline: When Procrastination is About Rebellion

One of the big benefits of visiting blogs is that you can think about writing problems in terms of someone else – and then you realize the same solutions apply to your writing problems. 393 more words