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The Twittery that is Amanda Marcotte

Not very charitable of me, but I simply cannot stand this twit. She offends me in so many different ways, which would be much more manageable if she wasn’t forever being spotlighted by the media and held up as some kind of expert on women, feminism, and politics. 394 more words

"They want every man cuckolded as it undermines the patriarchy and sets up a matriarchy where men are simply drones" and other insights on feminism from the Men's Rights Subreddit

Is it just me, or are Men’s Rights Activists (and PUAs and MGTOWers) just a little bit obsessed with this whole “cuckolding” thing? From a discussion in the Men’s Rights subreddit today: 46 more words


Submission Does not Cause Abuse

Submission does not cause abuse anymore than failing to submit causes abuse. Boy is that a tough sell in today’s culture with all these distorted and perverted messages and movies like 50 shades. 423 more words

MGTOWers Are Ready for Hillary Clinton's Matriarchal Tyranny

It’s pretty much inevitable that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016, though how well her fundraising efforts will fare is, as of yet, unclear. 1,165 more words


A Voice for Men Columnist: "All Feminists" Are Hateful Bigots

In an article for A Voice for Men, Andrew DiKaiomata, a “member of the AVFM meme team”, wrote that all feminists are evil women who hate men. 1,008 more words


Feminist Fathering

My five-year-old son Felix is a hand-holder.

God that’s cute.

Whether strolling down the street, or climbing the steps to build LEGO in his room, or escorting me out of his pre-K classroom at drop-off, he wraps his soft little digits around my long, dry, increasingly wrinkled ones.

2,311 more words

Ashes to Ashes: Why Ash Wednesday is for Everyone

The world desperately needs an Ash Wednesday.

Even if you are non-religious or follow a different tradition, you need an Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday is a day that is meant to humble even those amongst us who stand the tallest. 1,375 more words