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The Unbearable Hypocrisy of Feminism: Rape Jokes

So rape jokes don’t actually cause rape but they, as you say, promote and perpetuate vague, nebulous concepts that don’t harm in a way one could quantify or demonstrate. 370 more words


Red Pill Woman warns evil sluts that "every penis you put in yourself breaks your heart a little."

Today I thought I’d highlight this lovely “Red Pill” insight from one of the gals on the Red Pill Women subreddit, a weird sort of Women’s Auxilliary to the Red Pill subreddit that devotes itself to “objectively and realistically discuss sexual strategy from an anti-feminist, non-feminist, traditionalist and/or evolutionary psychology perspective.” 133 more words


Head of Anti-Gay Group Says We Must Stop the 'Phony Feminist Rape Riot'

In an article for RenewAmerica, David R. Usher asserts that we must put an end to what he calls the “phony feminist rape riot’, which is… 1,243 more words

Christian Right

"To say that men and women are created equal is to deny that gorillas and humans are different," and other observations.

Today, another installment of “Comments I don’t let through.” The “trash” folder on my WordPress comments page is home to a motley assortment of comments that, for whatever reason, I just didn’t feel like approving. 381 more words