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Anti-depressants are backward, say scientists

We always knew there was something wrong when anti-depressants were prescribed. Now, scientists from McMaster University have challenged doctors on this. The authors of the paper, posted by the journal  173 more words

Good Fats

Demon kitty and the depressed cat

Fuzzy, our charcoal gray semi-Persian has been the resident cat for eight years, which seems a long time indeed when one ponders the trouble and anxiety he brought to our lives.  1,529 more words

Munira's Bubble

Mindful of the birds

Just watching the birds feed. So mindful. So relaxing.

Bring on the day…


Admitting to blogging...


I normally post things here as discrete short essays, or, “pieces,” if I can be so pretentious as to call them that. But, to break voice for a moment… 315 more words

I'm A Vehicle For Love- With No Direction

If I embark on a journey of any sort, it usually requires an end goal. I’m struggling with the lack of an end goal in this spiritual journey I’m taking. 39 more words


Antidepressants---I Want Results

It is estimated that ten million people in the United States take antidepressants.  That’s unbelievable! When I used antidepressants I had high expectations for immediate results.   770 more words