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Off the Steroids I go...

After weighing the pros and cons I decided to come off of the steroids I was on for my microscopic colitis. It just wasn’t worth it. 338 more words

Cushing's Disease


Two weeks into my experiment in going off my anti-depressants and I am feeling the effects of withdrawal full force. I was supposed to go off the Effexor tonight but because I miss judged my remaining supply I actually went off of it a… 590 more words


What Did They Prescribe Andreas Lubitz?

In a 2010 article in the Huffington Post, MIA Blogger Peter Breggin lamented that the FAA had recently lifted its absolute ban on antidepressants and was instead providing a “Medication Guide to patients and their families that warns about dangerous drug-induced reactions including suicide, violence and a variety of unexpected negative behaviors.” …

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Suicide: Selfishness or Sickness?

When I considered ending my life, I heard condemning words: “suicide is so selfish”. ¬†Indeed it may seem so, especially to those loved ones left behind. ¬† 254 more words

Day Twenty Nine of One Hundred and Thirty Three

Dear Readers and Self,

It continues to be a blue feeling time while I mostly keep trying to do cute things, keep busy, and hope that faking it until I make it will work. 187 more words

Kathrin Goldbach Identified As Andreas Lubitz's Ex-Girlfriend Who Broke Up With Him Just Prior To Crash - - as police find 'small mountain of anti-depressants' in killer pilot's apartment

Daily Mail:

  • Andreas Lubitz had long-term relationship with teacher Kathrin Goldbach
  • But she called time on his increasingly erratic behavior, it is claimed
  • He tried to tell her what to wear and who she could speak to, friends said…
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Turns out I have no refills left on my Effexor. Which means I’m out this weekend. Which means instead of stopping the Effexor Monday night I had to do it Friday night. 217 more words