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Our Bodies Will Not Be Machines: My Resistance Will Be Bloody

I am thirteen and bleeding all over the floor of Renee’s bathroom. It is the middle of the night. I thought I had to pee, but it’s just that my period has started. 1,445 more words


Dig New Ground to Uproot Hunger

So much good work and sincere effort goes into trying to alleviate food insecurity and other conditions that result in living precarious lives, yet attacking the root of the problem seems lost in our unending efforts and good intentions. 371 more words

Solidarity with our tribal sisters and brothers: the cornerstone of fighting corporate capitalism

Tribal peoples can seem remote and irrelevant to our lives. A photo of an Amazonian Yanomami hunter might provoke our interest, or we might feel a twinge of sadness upon reading a story about the plight of an indigenous community, yet we soon find ourselves returning to what we perceive to be more immediate and pressing issues around us.  720 more words

reproduction, biopower, and capital

[for Balibar]

Foucault’s argument against the repressive hypothesis is designed to show that capitalism is not necessarily repressive of sexuality, contra Freudo-Marxism in the manner of Reich. 528 more words


The Age of Enlightenment

The Chap and I had a rather heated discussion this morning, because over the past couple of years I have finally deduced that buying things wouldn’t actually make me happy; that living a nihilistic, self- serving lifestyle ultimately makes you numb, and turns you, blindly, repulsively, into a powerless puppet of capitalism. 696 more words


#IAM99G The Fight-Back starts here. 

We are hoping #IAM99G becomes a regular feature amongst social media users over the next 5 years.

That’s right, the 5 year fight-back begins today. … 635 more words