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To accompany the newly-published paperback edition of The Quest for a Moral Compass,  I am publishing a series of extracts from the book. Previous extracts were on Joshua Greene’s idea of… 2,669 more words

History Of Moral Thought

Inspirational Movie - The Emperor's New Clothes - A Russell Brand & Michael Winterbottom film

This movie is magnificent! I’ve watched it and I recommend anyone (whether to promopt their views or to challenge their views). Good old Rus, he knows what is the problem! 10 more words


Criticism of right-wing!

My media coursework finished and that is the product of it. A comical refelction of right-wing thinkers. So if you pro-capitalist, or pro-Tory, you will not like it. 9 more words


New Media Takeover!

It has taken me a lot of deliberation and consideration to work out who these “powers that be” are that I keep referring to. If we knew who had caused all this mess, then this would surely lead to possible solutions towards clearing it up. 393 more words


Property as Theft: An Introduction

This is another (appropriately edited) response to a Quora question that asked, “In what ways could profit be considered theft”?

My opinion on the issue as regards profit as being theft basically combines Proudhon, Marx, Locke and Pogge. 869 more words


The Cashless (Wet) Dream of Visa

Welcome to the Machine!

As if the concept wasn’t alarming enough, it’s strange to see the idea of being herded and behaving like robots is celebrated in this commercial.