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Anti-State And Anti-Statin: MIT Is Home To Both Non-expertise Experts In Chomsky And Seneff

The concept of a drug that would disable the liver’s ability to produce cholesterol sounds like a terrible idea to me… cholestrol is to animals as chlorphyll is to plants… we die without it.

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A New Day

It feels like it never really changes. The sun rises on one side and sets on another. In between, our minds break-down the goings-on of the universe into bite-sized fragments. 692 more words


Remarks on Situationist Theory

Well known to friends and family as being a socialist, not to mention a sceptic and a cynic (in the most positive sense of the word), I here state some thoughts in polemic structure (I like to think my natural way of thinking when I am in particularly caustic or critical mood), doubtlessly channelling Guy Debord and other polemicists of Marxist ilk, that occurred to me when thinking upon corporatist futility and the current conditions of our consumer culture: 211 more words

Towers of Habit

What is meant by ‘family’ in the modern world are those people whose habits directly affect you and the habits which you have. According to this definition, the family has grown and morphed into a web of communication, of life. 1,014 more words

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Quote for the day - Thursday March 19

“There isn’t a ‘crisis’ we have to get out of, there is a war we have to win”.

The Invisible Committee, A nos amis


350 arrested at German anti-capitalist protests

Approximately 350 people have been arrested at a German protest held at the opening of the new European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt. 282 more words


If We Want Democracy, We Need Socialism

In my experience, the basic difference between capitalism and socialism is often missed. Capitalism, it is thought, represents free markets, consumer choice, personal liberty, etc. And socialism represents “big government,” state intervention, and a utilitarian sacrifice of the individual in favor of the “greater good.” 1,434 more words