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Greece: conflation, contradiction and conflagration

Conflation seems to be the order of the day. The most striking is between democracy and sovereignty. These two concepts are not synonymous but they are being used as such in the Greece debate. 811 more words

Eurozone Crisis

Strike Forever

Quitting, as an individual act of rebellion, remains just that. To be revolutionary it must be an action taken collectively. Do we have it in us? 1,686 more words

Alternative Structures

Kobane Under Attack

Alarming news from Kobane – an ISIS attack that has likely resulted in the massacre of around 200 hundred people. While it appears that the armed forces in Kobane have repelled this latest ISIS assault, the situation remains very dangerous. 671 more words


the threat to our future: BETTER OFF WITH TTIP? BETTER OFF WITHOUT!

They like to keep it a secret, but the looming menace of TTIP (short for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) poses a threat to us all. 449 more words


Ragnarök, The Magic Of Capitalism, & The Transformation of Consciousness

“Odin is recruiting for Ragnarök”

I have heard this statement from more than one source in the past few days. This is often the case for me with statements that resonate in my soul as strongly as this one did when a friend of mine uttered it and I heard it. 1,152 more words


Can Bernie Sanders Succeed? No. I Do Not Think He Can.

Bernie Sanders has garnered a lot of enthusiasm among socialists (and even some anarchists, from what I’ve seen) over the past few months, and I still can’t figure out why. 908 more words

Left-wing Politics

Help the Providence IWW Open a Storefront-Office!

The IWW in Rhode Island will be opening an office-storefront in Providence within a few months.

First, we felt that it was necessary to have real outreach into the community rather than resting on the activist sub-culture. 228 more words