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The one is not possible without the other

The higher worlds are everywhere around us. These worlds are, however, not only paradisiacal worlds, not just worlds of bliss, although magnificence and happiness are there as well; but they are also worlds that can be terrible for people, dangerous because of actualities and creatures present there. 64 more words


There is a hundred times more hatred than love among human beings

In perceiving the sequence of earthly lives one also learns to understand what streams from the present into the future. Men who are capable of intense hatred carry over into the next earthly life as the result of this hatred the disposition to be hurt by everything that happens. 240 more words


4 July 2015

SG ~ I came across this article in ‘Sphere’, a publication by the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand. It was a thought-provoking lecture for the 2014 Anthroposophical Annual Conference in Wellington, by Nicanor Perlas. 425 more words


Double egoism

It is not enough for us merely to introduce ideas such as those of reincarnation and karma — the question is, in what way we introduce them. 163 more words


The thought of reincarnation and karma will essentially transform modern life

What is of particular importance for the modern anthroposophist is the gaining of conviction with regard to reincarnation and karma. The way in which men gain this conviction, how they succeed in spreading the thought of reincarnation and karma — it is this that from now onwards will essentially transform modern life, will create new forms of life, an entirely new social life, of the kind that is necessary if human culture is not to decline but rise to a higher level. 61 more words


Our life in the higher worlds

As here we live rhythmically between waking and sleeping, so in the other world life alternates between withdrawal into ourselves and sociable intercourse with other souls. 42 more words


Karma - Much that in ordinary life seems to be quite insignificant is of very great importance when we begin to consider destiny

We shall not easily find our way into the innermost nature of karmic connections if we do not pay attention — with the eye of the soul, of course — to the particular mannerisms of an individual. 276 more words