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Experiences are transformed and become capabilities, skills and talents

The way in which the experiences here on earth are processed, is such that only a very small portion of these experiences are retained; every ability one acquires needs much more than what is retained in the end. 180 more words


Why do old people become mentally weak, even if the soul cannot change?

The soul, indeed, does not change. It never descends from the stage once reached. But its instrument has become weak, like a great pianist who can no longer play as he played formerly, if he has a bad instrument. 69 more words


800 years ago it was already a fiasco

Today (1922), it is clear, we can only look with horror at the social organization that is trying to establish itself in Eastern Europe. Yet in considering what is going on there today, we cannot help remembering what happened some eight hundred years ago, in China. 196 more words


Christianity for Adults


The topic outlined here is about Christianity - which of course is a somewhat abraded issue.

Yet it is still completely new to the extend that it is seen from a purely Rosicrucian viewpoint. 792 more words

Reincarnation: beginning and ending

It is a wrong conception when theosophists believe that reincarnation had no beginning and will have no ending. Reincarnation started in the Lemurian Age and will cease again at the beginning of the sixth Root Race or Age. 61 more words


Visiting a Waldorf school

Out of curiosity, I recently visited the École Rudolph Steiner de Montréal, a private French language school in Notre-Dame-de-Grace going from grade 1-8, that uses Waldorf pedagogy. 1,124 more words

Single Parents

Perceive, Reflect, Renew

The Winter said its last goodbye for the season this past Friday by enveloping the Northeast U.S. with a lovely white coat. The sun gently melted it away the next day, on the first full day of Spring. 155 more words