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Allowing another's faith to be.

We sat in a darkened church just before Easter Vigil. I was with a young family, good friends of mine. Their four-year-old girl twitched next to me, teetering toward an oddly polite version of desperately bored. 750 more words


We Are Survivors, Not Yet Thrivers

People don’t tend to defer to authority because it is an advantageous way to have a civil society. They do it because for most of human history, defying authority got you killed. 29 more words


New Books in July

It’s July, and the full, sticky heat of summer is here. What better time to find a cool corner and curl up with a new book? 362 more words


The origin of war (summary of Cannibals and Kings by Marvin Harris, chapter 4)

Previously: Chapter 2.

I meant to write about Chapter 3 next, which is about the origin of agriculture. Basically, Harris thinks that the origin of agriculture is ultimately a result of the climate change that occured at the end of the Ice Age; but the exact causal sequence is complicated, and it varies depending on which region you’re talking about. 3,304 more words

Cannibals And Kings

Community spaces

We arrived in the next suburb just after the appointed time after parking the car in the main street and walking through a children’s playground, past a mother who was clearly desperate to be out of the house and taking advantage of the last light to let her young children run free on the play equipment before the chill of the early winter evening took hold. 2,383 more words


Disability Fieldnotes Week in Review: June 19-25

Here are some of the disability news features that I found most interesting from the past week. Please send other suggestions my way!

Disability and Race… 177 more words