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Letting ET Know "We're White"

It’s amazing how many incidences of “inattentional blindness” (or arrogance) one can find in important places. Once again, we see that even cuddly-wuddly Carl Sagan and colleagues mindlessly represented “the people of Earth” as White People! 192 more words


Risks and statistics

I ended up in the ED recently after an accident in the kitchen with a meat cleaver. It wasn’t too serious, but I did have to see a consultant surgeon in the end, even though I didn’t end up having any surgery. 1,104 more words


SAA 2015: The Bioarchaeology of Looting

I’m typing this from the lobby of a hotel in downtown San Francisco, which has been one of the most unique cities I’ve ever visited – cars parallel parked sideways on the insanely steep streets, thick blankets of fog rolling down from the hills to envelop the city, and a jostling juxtaposition of immense wealth and entrenched poverty. 332 more words


War Helps Me to Sleep / Repost

http://nationalpriorities.org (a website that tracks military and other spending)

The TV is on late at night, playing through the darkness of the house, playing with my sleep. 966 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

Supernatural Consciousness (Does not exist)

That New Old Time Religion 

Supernatural consciousness does not exist.

The popular use of phrases such as “higher consciousness,” “mass consciousness,” “a new level of consciousness,” and “transforming consciousness” shows how supernatural ideas degrade the general body of thought. 743 more words

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Visual Thinking Errors / Just Stop!!!

Non-visual people, especially educators, confuse visual thinking with fantasy and magic.  Dragons, wizards, etc. While some visual thinkers may enjoy fantasy, it’s fantasy that is attractive, whether or not it’s presented visually, verbally or acted out. 241 more words

Asperger's Human Experience