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What matters about objects - a book review

Inspired by recently meeting a couple of people involved in putting together the impressive (and expensive) Objects and Materials: A Routledge Companion (Penny Harvey… 962 more words

Kirja Arvio

Time to get serious about sensory issues

Sensory sensitivity is one aspect of “being Asperger” that is frequently reported and described by Asperger individuals; therefore it is important to learn about the physical science that describes human hearing (and our other senses) and how the individual brain / nervous system creates a “sound world” that each of us inhabits and uses to negotiate the environment. 581 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

Everything Old Is New Again

At a certain point, the fashion industry will and already has depleted its inventory of brand new creations. That’s not to say that it doesn’t continue to surprise and interest us, but beginning in the 20th century, fashion has begun a series of recycling. 483 more words


Raising the Bar for Introductory Classes: Susan Rodgers on Challenging and Changing Students through “Food, Body, Power”

Lauren Moore
University of Kentucky

Welcome to the inaugural interview of SAFN’s new Food Pedagogy Interview Series. Each month, we will feature a food scholar who teaches a course related to food or nutrition. 3,528 more words


Osteology Everywhere: Madison Edition

I’ve spent the past week visiting Madison, Wisconsin, eating vast amounts of cheese curds, quaffing pints of New Glarus and Capital beer, and generally having a pretty outstanding time. 489 more words


Alien Reflections: Response to Extraterrestrial Anthropology

By Rayna Elizabeth

Emma’s piece on extraterrestrial anthropology brings up several important points to consider when thinking about how we view potentially intelligent life in the universe. 862 more words