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New Series of Posts - Bioarchaeology Vocabulary

A month or so ago I attended a brief workshop on academic blogging held at my university. For most of the session I sat in the corner, raising my right eyebrow and nit-picking the recommendations listed on the handouts. 417 more words


Queering Representation in Games: A review of Adrienne Shaw’s Gaming at the Edge

By Evan Conaway

To read Tom Boellstorff’s introduction to this book reviews series, head over to The Book Review as Conversation.

“Identification is not about a static, linear, measurable connection to a character. 2,390 more words


Have a silly adventure in Praha? ✓ Czech

A few months ago I went to Prague. It was a spur of the moment thing, like most my decisions, and it would be my last solo journey for awhile. 2,222 more words


The Enjo Demo: a ritual transformation from a history of filth

I recently went to an Enjo demonstration (party?). I can’t say that I’m a convert, but you have to wonder since over 250 years have passed since the Industrial Revolution, something had to be done about improvements in home cleaning. 2,021 more words


"The SIT Girls and the Philosopher's Garden" plus "A Trip to Lima: Cat Parks Exist"

Tipón: My classmates and I met this super cool guy that runs what he refers to as a “seed house,” which is basically a growing collection of different types of seeds that are then loaned out at no cost to local farmers, with the expectation that more seeds will be returned to the house at the end of the growing season. 1,247 more words


What do ethnographers have to say about surveillance?

Surveillance is mundane, pervasive and understudied. Almost everyone who has ever done a social science course has been introduced to Foucault and old-school panopticism, but there’s a lot more going on in the field. 807 more words


What I'm Doing With My Summer (Part I)

What’s that you say? Have I been absent from the blog for the past several weeks due to exciting travel to exotic locales, traversing the desolate morains of Iceland, scaling the heights of Peruvian peaks, and exploring the stark desert beauty of the American Southwest? 322 more words