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Roundup: Jeet Thayil, Narcopolis; O. E. Rølvaag, Peder Victorious

Neither was terrible; neither made the shelf. Narcopolis has a great device at the end where the narrator begins sorting through Dimple’s papers. It’s like Anthony Swofford’s opening his ruck in  111 more words


Anthony Swofford's Memoir "Hotels, Hospitals, And Jails"

I like to listen to audiobooks in my car.  A few years ago I made the decision that listening to the news was just too much like drinking hemlock, day in and day out.   851 more words


"American Sniper" - bloß ein Affe mit Waffe

“American Sniper” Chris Kyle wird gern als der “most lethal sniper” der US-Militärgeschichte bezeichnet. 160 tödliche Abschüsse (ja, das ist ein schlimmes Wort) sind bestätigt, über 255 im Bereich des Möglichen. 1,183 more words

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An "accidental" Hero?

I’ve written several times about the soldier’s perspective on the concept of a ‘hero’. Most soldiers I know are distrustful of the term. A hero, to a soldier, is the person who takes huge risks for the purpose of being recognized. 2,373 more words

Anthony Swofford Selects "The Chaff" as Second Place Winner of the Iowa Review's Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award

“A fever dream of men at arms and the confusion, desperation, and comedy that inform every moment a platoon leaves the wire. This story has a big beating heart and is not ashamed to speak of the long costs of war.”

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Tour of Duty

Bullets fly in second action-packed ‘Jarhead’ military adventure

Jarhead 2

Blu-ray $34.98 (Universal 1440 Entertainment)

Inspired by the original Jarhead, based on U.S. Marine Anthony Swofford’s best-selling 2003 book about his experiences in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, this fictional direct-to-DVD spin-off features an all-new cast in another dusty, nitty-gritty combat adventure, this time as platoon mates stationed in Afghanistan who risk their lives to help a woman escape her Tailban pursuers. 42 more words

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