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Taking Submissions: Ugly Babies 3

Deadline: Open Until Filled

Payment: 0.005 cents per word

Link: James Ward Kirk Fiction

There’s nothing quite like the birth of a child. Children are born in our likenesses. 333 more words


On the Road Again

A Book of Voyages edited by Patrick O’Brian

“There are some men, who will scarce believe anything but what they see, and at the same time will not stir an inch from home to be inform’d. 106 more words

Taking Submissions: Journey to the Center of Desire: Erotic Retellings of Jules Verne

Deadline: July 31st 2015

Payment: $25

Link: Circlet Press

Edited by J. Blackmore

Deadline: July 31, 2015

At Circlet, we like us some smutty steampunk. We can’t stop ourselves from publishing it. 471 more words


A Short Review For A Rather Disappointing Anthology

The title, “The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year” stands to reason. These are some of the best stories in both genres. For me, anthologies are the BEST. 128 more words


Taking Submissions: Covalent Bonds

Submissions Period: March 15th 2015 – December 15th 2015

Payment: Royalties

Link: Red Moon Romance

Geeks in love.

Anthology Editor: Trysh Thompson

Think about your typical romance story and the characters in them. 324 more words


State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II – Jonathan S. Pembroke

Featured Author: Jonathan S. Pembroke
Story: “The King of Belmer”
State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II

Jonathan S. Pembroke is a lifelong fan of speculative fiction. 991 more words


State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I – J. Jay Waller

Featured Author: J. Jay Waller
Story: “Black Mud Curse”
State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I

Jay Waller, his wife and dog (Izzy) live in Anchorage, Alaska. 730 more words