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Sunken Treasure

The book of James says, “You do not have because you do not ask.” To illustrate this scripture, there’s a story about a little boy who had a dream of heaven. 187 more words


You Tell Me: Changes in Makeup Habits?

Upon having and taking care of a new baby (who’s already 10 weeks old,  yikes!), I have noticed some drastic changes in my makeup routine. Mainly that I now go most days without any makeup at all! 258 more words


History Class

I’ve always been excellent at history. Okay, so not really. It’s a subject I’ve just never excelled in. When I was in high school, I decided to take AP History … you know … advanced history. 346 more words


The moon has attracted passions
The flow of the current can’t escape them
Hidden within a group of nocturnal creatures
The ghosts yearning for the revelation of secrets… 116 more words

Faith Questions

I want to know Mr Noah, was this what it was like for you, 448 more words


Friday mystery object #248 answer

Last Friday I gave you this mysterious leg to identify:

It had me stumped for some time and I was hoping that your suggestions might lead me to an identification. 264 more words

Friday Mystery Object

Your Questions, My Answers

A few weeks ago, I posted on facebook and twitter inviting people to ask me questions about my YAV year so far in South Korea. I kept the questions in the order that they were received. 1,906 more words