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The Hole

Blindsided and without warning, a hole inside my body rips me in two. It thrashes, jerks, and fights, consuming every part of me and causing pain to every inch of my being. 221 more words


Dark Wallet Alpha 4 Release on Coin Brief

Dark Wallet The Silk Road became the first widely successful online market operating solely on cryptocurrency, with a record for providing otherwise unobtainable items. Whether illegal intoxicants, the rising possibilities involving gambling, or illicit materials of any nature, the online black… … 29 more words


Anonymity of Cryptocurrencies Part II – Cryptonote & Darkcoin on Coin Brief

Although total anonymity is not feasible at the moment, a lesser form of high security may be. Cryptonote-based currencies can use ring signatures, as opposed to group signatures which require a trusted party. 44 more words


Panic Attacks

hello lovelies! x

Recently i read Zoella’s book ‘Girl online’, and that’s sort of where i found the inspiration to create my own blog (probably the same story as about a thousand other teenage girls). 161 more words

"... and that's because none of us got enough love in our childhood."

As a teacher, one of my favorite genres of writing to teach was the persuasive essay.

Maybe it’s because I worked at a law firm in college and fancied myself able to keep most of those misogynistic, self-righteous bastards on their toes. 886 more words