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How to deal with an annoying brother

Hello to anybody reading!

I know it’s only been just over a couple of hours since my last post but that was quite short and I feel like there’s not really anything on my blog so I wanted to add a post. 343 more words



Hello to anybody reading!

So this is my very first blog post. Not really much more to say I guess… I’m going to stay anonymous just because I’m going to be talking about private stuff and I don’t really want people to discover me so yeah. 173 more words


Advice Column (1): Insecurity, Relationships and Loneliness

Yesterday, I found an anonymous message in my Tumblr inbox asking about advice regarding insecurity, relationships and loneliness. It definitely struck a chord; their words seemed to mirror my own. 658 more words


love letter series - 04

dear stranger,

i don’t know you, but i accept you as you are. i don’t know you, but i am not giving up on you. i don’t know you, but i know you deserve to be kind to yourself. 58 more words

WhatsApp Conversations!

You type something for a few minutes.Then your status reads ‘Online’ !
I keep waiting for those few minutes. Then I put the phone down. 41 more words


Bittersweet: [Noun] pleasure mingled with pain or regret

I haven’t done a dictionary themed title in a couple of years but that’s mainly because that’s a project I began when I really wanted to post every single day of my life. 408 more words

Real Life

Where it all begins


So I’m not sure where to begin with this blog. For a few weeks now I’ve wanted to start a blog and just write about anything and everything on my mind. 175 more words