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gone forever

Found this on my Facebook newsfeed, posted by this page here. Ah, I’ve liked too many depressing pages.

But, seriously, who writes these? *_*


Million Person March (Charleston, SC)

Million Person March: July 4, 2015 – Charleston, South Carolina

Anonymous Press Release: Million Person March Called For Independence Day
Saturday – June 27, 2015 10:00 PM ET USA… 383 more words


I Began Here & Moved

Here is my old address…this home was cramping my style…


Like moving into a new home that feels right, I transfer my blog to a format I already understand and can expand. 21 more words

Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for June 29

Welcome to your work week, kittens! There’s always breaking news on the cyberwar/hacktivism front(s) so we won’t delay. Beverage acquired? Teeth brushed? Hair gleaming? Batteries charged? 145 more words



There’s something so sincere in not knowing but feeling,

but i felt way too strong for something that was nothing short of an illusion.

and although it’s not as it seems, 224 more words


You Can't Suspend The Truth...

As we all may have heard our brother @trutherbot’s Twitter account has been suspended. To little surprise the anonymous community is an uproar . It seems everyone wants to know why? 305 more words


Happy Birthday Blog

Technically yesterday was my blog’s birthday, but I can never post these on time. Something is always happening near or on the day. This is where I get super “sappy” and thank those that have stuck around for a long while or even a short while. 201 more words

Real Life