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Being a highly indecisive woman is excruciatingly annoying - (rethinking my direction)

The only thing better than waking up and remembering you spent the previous night, traipsing round Asda to stock up on Smart-price crumpets, and knowing that you’ll… 190 more words



It’s so weird that for a 3 straight up nights, been dreaming of a quite similar theme but of a different setup. 3 not-so-good nights of STRUGGLING-TO-SURVIVE dreams.. uhhhh, ano meron?


I love this. This was sent to me by a very awesome fan of Ineligible Bachelors named Chris S. He also told me that my blog has inspired him to find more enjoyment in Grindr / Gay social media apps! 77 more words

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very tired and complainy. Everyone is annoying me. I wish I would’ve brought headphones. I am so tired. So tired. Like exhausted. Now an annoying girl has placed herself at my table. 44 more words


Short and sweet....

I am SO sick and tired of having to go upstairs EVERYTIME I have to use the restroom. It truly is so very annoying and very stressful at times. 34 more words

Ulcerative Colitis

Capacity and my brain cells

I try my very best not to complain. I also try my best not to hold “holier than thou” judgements. Who am I to judge someone for something that they do that does not directly affect me? 69 more words