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Exchange Student from Hell

So I haven’t been on here in forever. It seems like forever. A lot of crap has been happening which I may get to in this post, but it may take a few more to get everything out there, but we’ll see. 868 more words


Annoying Questions People ask Jamaicans

I was asked that same thing about us having internet , serious fuckingly ??????????

And marijuana is not legal in Jamaica, in 2015 it became decriminalized.


Hypocritical People

It is just very disappointing to see people try to rise up and bring change, but dont even stick with it.

Or even people that try to bring change, but couldnt because of their lack of understanding of how things are. 104 more words


Baby on a plane

Babies have this amazing ability to keep on Crying for like, hours in a row… HOURS… (NON-STOP)… To the extent that your entire nervous system could break down just by hearing… … 27 more words


Part Two: My Resume - Job Searching in Numbers & Stages

You there! People who are good at composing resumes: I’m not exactly sure how I feel about you but it’s a brew of resentment and admiration. 490 more words

Living & Writing

Assume Your Positions

Love is a fabulous feeling. I carry a lot of love inside and with me throughout the day. It brings me joy to share it, especially if a friend is having a hard time. 390 more words

Letting Go

I like to take my time when doing things.

Yes. You know you can feel it. That rant I’ve got brewing about this one sentence “I like to take my time when doing things”. Do you know how many times a day I hear this? 174 more words