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MBQ | A Woman on Southwest Airlines Stabbed a Guy With a Pen For Snoring

You know when you get on a plane, and sit there praying no one sits in the middle seat next to you?  THIS is the worst case scenario. 266 more words



This is a continuation from my post last week. Same guy, same annoying lecherous behavior.

Gone Girl

Rolling down a dusty path,
Wind in my hair, sand in my eyes,
Thoughts muddled;
like those of a confused elephant,
Don’t have anywhere to be, 187 more words


The Would-be Thief and The Boy Who Annoyed Him

Before I even begin this rather unbelievable tale of humor amidst armed robbery, let me assure you that (a) it is perfectly true and completely not as made-up as it sounds, (b) no one was harmed in this incident and (c) no, this is not the usual outcome in such incidents and I am in no way trying to take away from the tragedy of such cases when things go horribly wrong. 506 more words


Nice day for it - Day 2. Stalking

Some people may say that taking photographs of beautiful buildings, in a beautiful city full of mostly beautiful people could be nothing but sheer fun, frolicks and the occasional bout of drinking fine wines. 430 more words


You're watching a paid presentation.....Oh hell.

Have you ever been watching something, you’re engrossed in the TV and then a commercial break comes on, which is bad enough but then a screen comes up which says “You’re watching a paid presentation by…”.  365 more words


Bouncy balls. Never again.

Bouncy balls in a tiny play area,

i put Ms.S in coz she could not control herself or her excitement in my hands, she kept staring and tried jumping at the colorful balls n kids, her eyes trying hard to keep up with the constant activities n movements. 64 more words