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My Life .-.

Hang on a min, i forgot what i was gonna say.. Oh yea. I remember. check dis out. THERE’S ART!

Cute? :3

back to my life: 650 more words

School Stuff

An open letter to the annoying Jerk-wads of the World

Hello, annoying Jerk-wads of the World.

I know this letter may seem harsh, but I feel it needs to be sent.

You see, my jaw hurts from the constant clenching and teeth-grinding you cause. 665 more words


Type of Person I Don't Like

よみんあ!So…last Thursday, I went to watch Insurgent with my friends, after the movie we just stayed inside a coffee shop while chatting about people we…don’t…like… 314 more words


Sexism or Incompetence?

So, I had to take my car back to the dealership today.  The door over the gas tank lid had fallen off, and they hadn’t had one in stock, and had had to order one.   909 more words

has anyone had a jealous stalker?! 

Hello everyone.

It all started back like 4 years ago when i was seeing this guy, then his brother started seeing this girl and she literally started to copy and try be like me and the guy i was seeing it was so strange?! 654 more words

The 5 Struggles of Periods I Never Understood

As a woman, one would expect me to be this hormone-raged-can’t-out-of-bed-give-me-chocolate-now person. Particularly around that time of the month. But for some reason, maybe it’s good genes or the fact I just won the Aunt Flo lottery. 461 more words

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