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10 Annoying Qualities People Have

There are some qualities that act as a turn off in people, there are many that you might like in a person, but the following traits are some that can be really annoying. 341 more words


goodbyes are hard

I have trouble with the concept of feeling cared about. I don’t see why anyone would want to ever remember me unless I’m in their face & bugging them. 174 more words

Idiom of the Day

From my long experience (I am an octogenarian), I have found that the idiom most people get wrong is this:

Whether I hear it spoken or see it in print, this idiom frequently is expressed as “First come, first serve.” However, this is not about tennis. 25 more words


Every time I socialize

Some Person I Have to Talk to: So do you have a job?

Me: Yes, I do, actually, and I love it.

SPIHtTt: Really? Where do you work? 239 more words


Song 23, Day 23: A song that annoys me

Oh, this is a good one. I think this song annoys just about everyone because it was so overplayed. Happy by Pharrell. Oh my gosh. This song does everything besides making me happy. 27 more words



I forgot that I responded to this guy with that joke! Looolllolololopllololopolol

Glad She Cleared That Up

Mr. G. ran off to freedom went to the sprint car races, so I took kiddos to a local sandwich/ice cream shop because I’m so mean to them and don’t feel like cooking on weekends, or heating up the oven when it’s 500 degrees out. 196 more words