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4th of July

My subjects, while my 4th of July wasn’t exactly what I required, it still felt good. I haven’t really had a day for myself in a bit. 57 more words

Day 185 - A Lot on My Mind

I hate feeling like a downer, and I hate when my brain gets the best of me. I hate getting stressed and having anxiety over minor stuff, and having major anxiety over bigger things. 283 more words

Life Update

In a Hardened World

I’m the kind of girl
Who would set the world on fire
Just to see the beauty of its colours

I’m the kind of girl… 84 more words


I’m one of those people that doesn’t flip out very much, so usually, when it does happen, people know something’s wrong. It’s very hard to annoy me, but when you do be prepared for the worst. 302 more words


I feel like I must be pretty close to my period (which makes sense time wise I guess) because of my fucking emotional instability. I feel all jacked up on anger and energy, fucking annoyed to death by every little thing, just mad mad irritated. 298 more words

Decision making is difficult....

I hate when I’m in the position where it’s up to me to decide. Well, that’s sort of false because when it’s certain things I do like having a say….. 512 more words

Little miss sunshine

It’s official. I’m a grump. My moods have decided to have a go at the see-saw and their fun is making me a health hazard to the people I’m around. 441 more words