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Typical Girl Tattoo Form

There are very few things in this world that I hate. The “Typical Girl Tattoo Form” is number one on that list. First off I have an anchor tattoo. 394 more words


And here it comes!

So, my sister came to pick up her cat. The apartment is all mine again. I am.. unsure of how I feel. A part of me is glad that it’s quiet again but on the other side, it’s kind of lonely now. 254 more words


Pet Peeve

This drives me crazy as well. I am always resetting the time on the two microwaves at work. I don’t have OCD though.


What To Do When You are Frustrated

Today is a bit frustrating (maybe you can relate?) It’s not a “woe is me” or wanting to throw myself a pity party kind of day. 445 more words

Success Notes

Blue vs. red

I am at a loss as to why children get fixated on certain objects.  It is a daily struggle in my life.  Two of my daycare children are so obsessed with the same blue sippy cup.   247 more words


Teen Irritations

Being a teenager can be positive and negative, it really isn’t anywhere in between. There are great things that happen and terrible, annoying, frustrating, irritating things that can happen. 454 more words