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It’s easy to get annoyed. The part that’s miraculous is letting it go. Quickly.


Ode To Last Night

Alternative title: Offensive Comments and Small Victories

Before I start, quick mention: someone found this blog by searching “ashleigh big fat massive”. Thanks. 

So, yesterday I met up with this guy I met on the internet. 405 more words

RE: Myself

I hate Toronto.

Whoever says this is the best city in the world is a liar.

This city is full of liars who will do anything to get ahead. 392 more words


On being annoyed

You know what? FUCK you. At least have some decency to say hi before asking for something if we haven’t talked in ages. Especially when you know you’ve hurt me before by ignoring me when I needed you.


Day 86

I woke up today, earlier than I usually have to because of work and I didn’t want to get up at all. It took me over an hour to get up. 547 more words

Daily Journal 2015

What Really Grinds My Gears

Today, I over heard a conversation.

Guy 1: Well, it’s a good thing I don’t believe in God.

Guy 2: I don’t believe in God either. 61 more words


I am so angry and just ugh ugh ugh

Ugh, I’m angry and I’m not really sure why. Lately, I’ve been sort of distant and angry and even while typing this I’m actually frowning. I’m so confused by this, because I feel like there is almost nothing to be angry about. 266 more words

My Life