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Passive Aggressive Friend Part II

I have written about them before- my passive aggressive friend. The one who texts me every.single.day. asking “what time do you work today?” “When’s your next day off?” “Are you ever gonna hang out with me again” 340 more words


You ever have something that only irritates you a little bit when it happens, but when you think back on it hours later, you get pissed? 461 more words


RAGE!!!! (dating)

Ok so I think every other blog will be raging about something

so todays rage is about dating.. im in a really small school so basically no one in my grade is dating because were all ugly fake shits. 353 more words



don’t see why you should vent your anger on others just because you’re in a bad mood:/ WHAT ON EARTH LA freaking annoyed and you’ve been doing that since yesterday WTS (he’s my dad btw) maybe because he’s still feeling quite sick and stuff BUT STILL!!!! 218 more words


This sadly is true for me…

I am a super nice person.

I am super nice to my husband…


I honestly get annoyed easily! 168 more words


Playlist for the Day

  1. I don’t care – Apocalyptica
  2. Really don’t care – Demi Lovato
  3. I don’t care – Fall Out Boy
  4. I love it (I don’t care) – Icona Pop…
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Sexting revised #no.6 W

Okay so just now i’m texting this dude who’s supposedly into me, i cop ‘if you can’t sleep you should come get in bed with me’ to which i replied ‘Ahah you wish ;p’ He retaliated with ‘I Never said we would be doing anything sexual…’ 89 more words