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Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Feb 21-27

So last week I was Wednesday Addams. This week I limited my social interaction to bare minimum and still it wasn’t the easiest week. 551 more words



Paperwork. Is that all I was hired to do?

“There are certain tasks that could be accomplished by your guild concerning the recent daedra outbreak-” I lifted my quill and dipped in my inkwell before writing a cursive “No.” on the line provided. 1,097 more words


I’m getting tired of sleeping in my car because a bunch of tweakers turned a “ride” as a favor into a full scale double feature show of much ado about nothing.

My Dreams

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End of the road

I spent a good part of my weekend wading through raw sleaze. In other words, I went looking for a replacement for the shitmobile.

I didn’t really mind the 50-sievert dose artificial smiles, the frightening rustbuckets on offer, or the lies that would make even Silvio Berlusconi blush. 82 more words


The People I Wish Would Die

Naturally I am not going to go out and kill people. However, there are a lot of people that I would like to just die. If they died this world would be vastly improved! 1,371 more words


Random Thought Tuesday, Feb 23

So I’ve been thinking…

Sometimes my boredom feels like a super power. Like I’m the Grey Hulk: When I’m bored I turn into this huge thing full of giant bulging muscles that just sits there. 12 more words