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Why does it amuse me so....

Dear man child,

Please refrain from contacting me in all forms. I wish you well on your journey to adulthood.  Though you are 44, I’m aware that some take longer to mature than others. 123 more words


Brady Working With The Government? Naw.

A Brady Campaign ‘Gun Owner Data Base’?

It’s been noted that the individual involved in suing various online retailers over the Colorado movie theatre shooting and who now owes $220K is a Brady employee (6 months after the event).

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Let's talk about you, baby.

Friday snuck up on me, guys.

I had something I wanted to talk about yesterday, but before I knew it, Friday was here and my mind was running ‘hecta-skecta’. 948 more words


Nonsensical blueprint

Smashfly is an HR software firm that is used by various large companies. Checking out its website, a little ways down we see a “blue print” of a rocket: 94 more words


Pending Unemployment Meets Boredom

I quit my job unceremoniously without a supplement job to sustain me. I AM SO ROMANTIC RIGHT??

Anyway, others that worked with me have naturally feared for me and my ability to eat; and as their job is to place people in employments of all sorts, they took it upon themselves to recruit for me. 326 more words


Flattery or F-ing Annoying?

You know the old saying, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”?  Does anyone else think this is a crock of shit?  There is nothing that irritates me more than a copycat; mimicking my mannerisms, behavior, hobbies, hairstyle, the way I… 34 more words