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Why Does the Bottom of My Foot Hurt?

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Most common bottom of the foot pain is called plantar fasciitis. When you have that as your diagnosis, you will also notice that the bottom of heel hurts as well. 310 more words

Pain Relief

River Edge Run 5k Recap!

Another PR in the books and with a bad ankle (bad Andrea, oops…)!

Let’s recap the whole thing, shall we?

I woke up of course around 6am because I wake up everyday at 5:15 so 6, is sleeping late in my life. 584 more words

Ottawa Ankle Rules

We need to consider Ottawa Ankle Rules prior to perform an X-ray for ankle complaints.

Pain in malleolar zone and:

  • Bone tenderness distal 6 cm of fibula or tip of lateral malleolus…
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Ankle Joint Ligamentous Special Tests

These tests are derived from the Magee textbook and from the UCSF/SFSU physical therapy program handouts.

Anterior Drawer: This is testing the integrity of the Anterior Talofibular ligament(ATFL). 320 more words

Ankle Joint Extra Special Tests

The following tests are derived from the UCSF/SFSU DPT program class lecture and handouts:

Homan’s Test:

Testing for deep venous thrombosis in calf.

Test position: patient in short sitting with legs dangling off the table. 67 more words

Dietary Concerns/Nutrition

I touched on this on my last post and I think that it is an important issue.

Dietary Concerns (I am going to break this up. 804 more words

10/4/15 South of the Border

Hello All,

Today the MSK focus swept downward as I picked up a couple of cases at the peninsula end of the human body – the feet! 384 more words