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Full Silicone

So This is Tight

I’m currently riding the line between denial and hypochondria.

I’ve been running for almost 5 years now, reading running magazines about the same amount of time, and running blogs for about 2.    744 more words


(Feb. 22, 2015) Day- 110

I woke up and I felt like, crap and I need to sleep in all day so, the pain from walking yesterday. I got up around 3pm. 39 more words

Broken Leg Story

(Feb. 21,2015) Day- 109

I brought, my oldest Daughter to the Greyhound. The whole family came cus, we wanted to say good buy for a while, We will be missing her. 82 more words

Broken Leg Story

Oh, That is NOT A Good Sound

It wasn’t my fault.

I fell asleep. Well, that was my fault. But it was late. We got to the hospital about 11:00. My lovely wife was being seen for stomach pains. 683 more words

Professional Development