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The Fusion! (I sucked it up, had the panic attacks... and did it)

I have to say that my Doctor (as of yet, he request me not to sing his praises after all it hasn’t fused as of yet) so no name. 735 more words

Falling into Spring

My Dear Readers,

It has been entirely too long since the last time that we interacted. I have been on such a busy roller coaster that I have slightly neglected updating my blog. 318 more words


Why Do I Keep Spraining My Ankle?

Have you ever sprained your ankle?

Have you been told to just rest it, brace it, or worse, ice it?

And, have you ever been told it will just get better on its own? 296 more words


What Can I Do to Deal With Ankle Pain?

When you sprain your ankle, you are more likely to sprain the outer part of the ankle than the inner part. The reason is because you have two bones that are on both sides of your ankle that are different in length. 449 more words

Ankle Sprain

Let Us Move Onward!

The ibuprofen by the handfuls was taking the edge off, I am sure that in the long run I did my damage to my innards then good. 998 more words

Managing stairs with a cast

No dignity here!

There are two choices: on your knees or on your bum! You may need someone to help you the first few times you try it.  109 more words

Ankle Cast

nightmare at home

I was in my house and I was looking for rubber bands that I had hidden from myself. They were for braces and in a bowl in my kitchen. 239 more words