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Where to begin a blog....

Where to begin a blog, and what to write about?

Only recently I was asked to continue on with writing and blogging after I completed a week’s blogging for Caldera calling the blog for Cloudcatcher witchcamp 2015, held in Queensland Australia. 103 more words

Fetch Beast

Travel Log: South Lake Tahoe

Travel Log | South Lake Tahoe | April 6 – April 11, Honeymoon



In less than 4 hours, we watch the world transform from Spring at the beach to Winter in the deep woods. 695 more words

The Turning Of The Year

Re: Illusion of Life - The Eminence of Animals

cr: the song used is a nursery rhyme titled Swan Swam Over The Sea.

Jay Bird Service

I am allergic to bee and wasp stings, so when I realized that wasps were building a large nest beneath the porch roof right above my front door, I naturally felt concerned. 674 more words

Spiritual Ecopsychology

A Review of The Quadruple Object

The lens of inquiry I brought to bear on Graham Harman’s book might be called ‘radical ecology.’ So my purpose was not to assess his ontology as it relates to others’, but to see how it relates to living praxis; and ultimately it is to know my enemy (watch how written/historical philosophy undoes itself), and to salvage these critically reflective parts of civilization in order to abandon it and live a life with friends in the wild, one that is justly defensible because it respects all beings as kin (animism). 715 more words

Musings & Delineations

The Scottish Pagan Federation Conference 2015

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog post here. Life has been keeping me pleasantly busy since I started my degree in English Literature, spending time with loved ones and doing full time work. 676 more words


Truth: My Interpretation

Here’s my third essay on the Nine Noble Virtues, this time discussing Truth.


Truth is a relative concept, especially in matters of faith. What I believe to be true, others believe to be false, and vice versa. 1,025 more words