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Prison School Anime Details Arrive

by AJ Adejare

Here it is, the anticipated Prison School promotional video just launched.   Published by Kodansha, the seinen manga created by Akira Hiramoto the anime series will come out in July 201.   112 more words


Android Panda Animation :P

Spin-off of “Project: Animal attack”

Made using: Khan Academy Computer Science.


var decrease=0;
var movLeft=0;
var bodyX = 200;
var bodyY = 220;
var bodyW = 156; /////RESIZE VARIABLE
var bodyH;
var eyeMov=0; //eye movement in X
var nosePos;
var eyesClosed=0;
var eyeHeight;
var offsetBlink=0;
var leftEyeY=bodyY-bodyW/1.3+offsetBlink;
var rightEyeY=bodyY-bodyW/1.3+offsetBlink;
draw = function() {
 bodyH = bodyW/1.3;
 background(207, 98, 83);
 fill(0, 0, 0);
 ellipse(bodyX, bodyY, bodyW, bodyW); // body? 115 more words

Xpace Fundraiser

I made some prints for the Xpace fundraiser- it’s going on from June 5th- 13th. Check it out! http://www.xpace.info/2015-2/fundraiser-2015/

Press And Events

Processing: Twitter Balloons

Created 2014:

The objective of this project was to create an audio-­visualizer of data from a web-­stream. It works in fullscreen on a screen of any resolution. 392 more words