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Check Me Out

Character walks, right on! This short has 4 characters, all save one done traditionally with a mix of pencil crayons, pen, and markers. The digital one, the robot wheel, was colored in Photoshop, but all of them were roughly animated out in ToonBoom.


Massage Bot

Here is a little short I made using found sound and dang is it cute. Found sound is simply taking any old sound you may hear and animating something unusual and unexpected to it. 27 more words


Animation Showreel

All done, I graduated!! *loud applause* So this here is a culmination of all the animation work I’ve done at ACAD as well as some of my own personal work. 58 more words



This video seriously just snapped me out of my skin enough to revitalize my energy for sharing beautiful art! This is really the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen.


Composing a shot - wut the crap am I talking about?

There was a time I drew backgrounds and then uploaded them for people to see online… but backgrounds can be so boring by themselves.  That’s when I realized that they are ‘boring’ because they’re only half of the picture!   222 more words


The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

Take a look at the pieces that comprise my animation!

The gif’s are made by hand and then key framed within After Effects to build the previously posted video.  213 more words