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Experimental Test #1

Had an idea for an experimental animation, and that would be to wear some lip stick, lip sync something, and as I was saying the words I’d kiss some paper so the lip stick would leave an imprint of my mouth shape. 78 more words


Character Design and Expression Sheet

My favorite part in animation is character creation/design. It’s always exciting for me, thinking what the characters of a story should be like– to be able to conceptualize how they should look and feel like, and then actually realizing them (after all the editing) and seeing them come to life. 255 more words


Retro Revival: DuckTales to Return

It was announced this week that new DuckTales episodes are returning to television on Disney X D in 2017. The Rotoscopers make the interesting point that… 200 more words


The 5 Greatest Fictional Storylines I Have Ever Experienced (across all anime, novels, TV shows, movies and games)

In my lifetime, I’ve watched, read, and played a lot of media. Sometimes they’re flops, barely managing to hold my attention if at all. But, then there are those extremely rare times. 1,003 more words


I'm Mad Because... Lack of Respect of Animation

(source avannak @ tumblr; permission was given by the artist)

I get really mad when it comes to the lack of respect the animation field gets in… like… everything. 439 more words