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Caterpillar crawling,
Cherry blossom falling
Now the weather’s warming
I feel fine.

When the weather’s bleaker
It leaves me feeling weaker,
I certainly act meeker
But now I’m fine.


The mysterious floppy-eared cow

Dear Reader,

I thought that in nature there is only one big mammal that has floppy ears. The elephant. Otherwise floppy ears are a clear feature of domesticated animals, like rabbits, some dog races, etc. 25 more words

Stanito In...


I used to hope I would pupate
And pass through adolescence
To become a butterfly.
But the world is full of butterflies
Loved only for their grace and beauty. 15 more words


Looks Deceptive

How beautiful,
She sighed as a feather,
Tawny and white,
Floated past her
On the warm spring breeze.
It felt like a symbol of peace… 23 more words


Sad Spider

Spiders don’t have feelings,
Thought the girl who, with both hands,
Reached out and destroyed a web,
And broke its many strands.
The spider will not care at all, 45 more words