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Great Blue Heron and Redwing Blackbird

On a visit to the wetlands we saw a Great Blue Heron, which coincidentally landed just as we got there. I’ve never been so close to a heron before, it was really magnificent. 88 more words

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Happy Rain

Summer rain splashed on her hair and her clothes,
Gushes of water dripped off of her nose,
But she couldn’t care less,
That her hair was a mess, 64 more words


Belted Kingfisher

While visiting our local wetlands the other day, my daughter and me got to see a Belted Kingfisher!

We were both surprised and amazed to see more than just ducks and tadpoles. 82 more words


An Unexpected Shower for a Moth

It has been very hot where I live, which means that I water my garden at night to avoid scorching.

It turns out that I was watering more than just my flowers this night. 44 more words


Summer Nights

Never fully dark,
Warm breeze whispering ’til dawn
On long summer nights


The Tree Who Couldn't

It’s summer, yet my leaves don’t grow.
There is no leafy green on show.
There are no buds
That promise life,
No branches
Growing to the light. 111 more words


Cloud Watching

I really like clouds. They bring us water, inspire our imaginations with fluffy shapes and they even shelter us from the hot sun sometimes!

Here are a couple videos I sped up, it really is amazing how they move and form. 21 more words