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Frosty Foothills

She felt nothing.
She sat cold and fragile
At the foot of a mountain
Covered in snow.
She called for help
But her voice echoed… 43 more words



Or is it doves? Hmmmmm…who cares?

Every morning I awake to a dove cooing in a tree in my backyard. I don’t know why it likes my tree or why it doesn’t have more trees to be at. 147 more words


Horse Production is a Struggling $1.5 Billion Industry in the US

Horse Production is a Struggling $1.5 Billion Industry in the US
Source: IBISWorld

While the Horse and Other Equine Production industry is worth an estimated $1.5 billion, these businesses are still struggling to recover from the recession, and will likely not recover for years to come.

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Dog Bite Claims, By The Numbers

Dog Bite Claims, By The Numbers
Source: Insurance Information Institute

National Dog Bite Prevention Week is coming up… Here are some numbers to consider:

• Dog bites caused more than 33 percent of all homeowners insurance liability claims in 2014, costing in excess of $530 million…

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Night falls so softly
Smuggling strangers in its folds
Who know what goes here


The Man in the Mirror

If fish could sing, I reckon this sandy little dude would have been humming a bit of Michael Jackson…