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Basic's shopping list for a Veggie!

Going vegetarian or vegan can be hard but the benefits can be amazing. When I first decided to become vegetarian I faced a lot of scepticism from friends and family, two points in particular being most common: 201 more words


Morrissey forces his veganism on fans at Madison Square Gardens

The UK Daily Mail reports that 55-year old singer Morrissey has forced New York City’s Madison Square Gardens to serve only vegan food during his June 27th concert. 174 more words

One Spirit, One World to host canine benefit concert in Hollywood, CA

Los Angeles, California, May 2, 2015 – Music and dog lovers unite! One Spirit, One World has teamed up with The Razor KXRZ to host ‘Fur-ever Metal’ – a star-studded canine benefit concert to be held on June 13, 2015 at the famous LOADED in Hollywood, CA. 276 more words

Animal Rights

Intersectional Veganism: Veganism is a Feminist Issue

This was the first video in an ongoing YouTube series I have about intersectionality in veganism. I started this series because not only do I think more social justice movements should begin recognizing animal liberation as a worthy cause (because freedom is a birthright, for everyone), but also because I think there are things people and groups within the vegan movement could do to become more inclusive. 17 more words

Animal Rights

Norwegian "animal rights police"?

There is some hype around this story.  From the report, the facts are  that the Norwegian government are employing three people, for a three year trial, in a particular region of Norway, to investigate animal related crime.  524 more words

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Ricky Gervais Blasts Trophy Hunters.....

Ricky Gervais is having none of trophy hunters BS they like to throw around, to defend their indefensible behavior and blood lust by killing innocent animals for sport. 637 more words

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