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Feeling the Love

We attended a birthday party today for a dear friend of ours – that overflowed to a tailgate party for Petunia —

Many of our friends knew of Petunia but didn’t know until today her whole story of recovery after being found in an alleyway in Baltimore, severely burned and starved only one year ago this month – One by one people came out from the party to visit her, making this a very happy day for this girl God has given us all to love – #FeelingTheLove



Spiritual Impressions

NON-VEGETARIANISM: Don't euphemize inflicting unbearable pain on animals with "non-vegetarian protein diet for humans"

Ever endured pain? Physical, psychological and emotional?

Remember what it’s like when even a tiny needle of an injection is pierced through your skin when you go for vaccination? 786 more words

Animal Rights

China's vegetarian population touches 50 million

Source: Times of India

BEIJING: Motivated by wildlife protection campaigns and Buddha’s teachings, more than 50 million Chinese defied deep-rooted tradition of meat eating and turned vegetarians, making the Communist nation one of the fast emerging countries with vegan population. 331 more words

Animal Rights

The Virunga Mountain Gorillas These Days

Dian Fossey carrying out observations with a silverback

I’ve just finished reading Dian Fossey’s Gorillas In The Mist and I’m wondering how Nunkie’s Group are getting on these days. 261 more words

Basic's shopping list for Veggie Students!

Don’t be a skinny vegetarian

Being vegetarian as a student can be hard to afford, and the last thing you want is to be that “ 257 more words


Morrissey forces his veganism on fans at Madison Square Gardens

The UK Daily Mail reports that 55-year old singer Morrissey has forced New York City’s Madison Square Gardens to serve only vegan food during his June 27th concert. 174 more words