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Review: Pizza Express Pianta Pizza

Pizza used to be my most favourite food. The combination of vegetables, spicy meats and that hot molten cheese was too much to resist. So imagine my delight when I saw that not only were Pizza Express bases were vegan friendly but they also had a special vegan pizza. 211 more words


When is an apple not vegan? When it's coated in insect bums!

Ok, so insect bums isn’t technically correct. However, shellac – secretions from the lac beetle – is used in products and foods which you would not imagine could be unsuitable for vegans. 438 more words


Animal "rights" activists harass UW lab construction workers

Managers of Skanska USA construction company who is a contractor hired to build a new animal testing lab for the University of Washington are locking legal horns with animal… 743 more words

Politicians Pushing To Hunt More Wolves, Despite Public Opposition


It seems as though those land owners and farmers have politicians by the balls no matter which country you live in… Cattle ranching (beef) is the absolute antithesis of conservation and ecology, or indeed any kind of responsible use of our wild spaces. 91 more words