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Agenda's: Yours' or Theirs? by matt carlson

Agenda’s: Yours’ or Theirs? by matt carlson

Sometimes it just doesn’t stop. The constant flow of vibration….whether it be the TV, your iphone, laptop, cell phone, radio, car noise, people demanding, wanting things from you; the kids, your wife (or husband), your boss, dead lines, bills, payments due….then you realize you’ve gotten fat, you’re having a bad hair day (or maybe you’re bald already!) and you think “What have I done with my life? 1,023 more words


Summertime and the vegan livin' is easy

Summertime & the vegan livin’ is easy. BBQ tofu? Yes, please!

I saw a recipe for BBQ tofu & actually really liked it. It was meaty in texture and the sauce was what made it. 138 more words

Animal Rights

To What End?

Gentle hearts strain against the yoke so tightly knit by the hands of cruel masters…

Yearning for answers to dispel depraved minds seeking only to defame and destroy… 22 more words


Ah, the Woes of Social Media

So, this is the unaltered screenshot from my phone. I was recently called a horse abuser and a “Syco” (Meaning either Psycho or Sick or possibly both, the bad spelling bothered me as much as their accusations) by… 306 more words


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now so here it goes. I normally don’t watch tv. Or at least tv that has commercials. 295 more words

You say you want a revolution...

There are many kinds of activists. There are those who get out and walk picket lines, those who write, those who sign petitions, those try to affect change through their politicians. 468 more words

Can You Be 100% Vegan?

Unfortunately the answer is no. You also can’t make sure that everything that you buy or eat is made 100% ethically. But it’s what you do most of the time that matters. 234 more words