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U.S. Animal Sheltering at a Glance

Article by Nathan Winograd (www.nathanwinograd.com)

■About 7,000,000 animals enter shelters every year.

■Approximately 40% of shelter animals are killed.

■Roughly 30,000,000 acquire a new companion animal every year. 71 more words

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Beware: The Big Lies Parroted by Pet Murdering Groups

As if being habitually homicidal isn’t enough, pet murderers also have a habitual lying problem. It stands to reason, though. After all, if they were honest, they wouldn’t be allowed to get away with murder. 1,075 more words

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Are you a Sucker for ASPCA Slick Ads?

If you are one of the millions of Americans who watch the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) heart wrenching TV commercials and send them money, I am sure they love you. 1,073 more words

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Just The Stats: How Math Disproves The "Pet Overpopulation" Myth

Just The Stats

March 10, 2015 by Nathan J. Winograd

New Website Demonstrates the Myth of Pet Overpopulation by Highlighting Success

Whenever I post about the needless killing of animals in shelters—such as my post on Saturday which discussed the decision by leadership at the pound in Pima, AZ to no longer send pregnant animals to rescue but to kill the unborn puppies instead—invariably one of the most common responses by those who defend killing is to claim that the animals are better off dead because there are already too many animals and not enough homes and no one wants the animals anyway. 405 more words

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Alberta farm animal rescue sanctuary struggles to keep up with overwhelming demand

WATCH ABOVE: A farm animal rescue south of Edmonton is struggling to keep up with demand. With too many animals, too little space and not enough cash to keep the operation fully functional, they’re asking for help from the public. 585 more words


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